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Real Parenting

Rebecca is the author of Rebecca's Real Life.  A blog about parenting, healthy eating, never ending laundry and keeping my family full and healthy. Rebecca is a stay at home Mommy of 2 super hero boys. She is married to a wonderful man who supports all of her crazy ideas. Rebecca has her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and her Master's Degree in Paralegal Studies. After having worked in the Social Services field for almost 13 years, she decided to become a stay at home Mommy. Rebecca enjoys reading and watching reality TV shows on Bravo. She enjoys purchasing cloth diapers and also researching more natural ways for her family to live. 

Real Parenting By

Sometimes I think we as parents get caught up in what we think parenting "should" look like.  You know, like what we have read in books and seen on the big screen in hundred of movies.  Well, it isn't like that.  At least, not in my world.  I have two sons, M. is 5 years old and F. is 1.  And there are very few times times that our days do not involve some sort of melt downs and temper tantrums.  (They are mostly mine) But anyway, we as a society, are lead to believe that being a parent is an experience that involves hugs and kisses and running through fields and lovely trips to the market and sitting down to wonderfully prepared meals where everyone talks about how wonderful their days were.  Well, I am here to tell you, that is a fallacy.

My days and nights are filled with some demanding little people. As a parent, you need to know where everything of every one else's is.  It is sort of like constantly taking a test. If the answer is wrong, be prepared for some not so happy children.  You also need to anticipate the needs of these little people.  Now, I have worked for some pretty tough supervisors in the work force and I could appease them.  But my 1 year old? There are times, I feel as though I have tried everything with him, but he is still not satisfied with my level of performance!

Parenting is hard, if you are doing it right.  It is draining and exhaustive.  It keeps you up at night wondering if you what you said to your child in a moment of exasperation will emotionally damage them.  It is sad and heart breaking when your child tells you that someone was mean to them on the bus or called them a baby.  It is also rewarding when your child tells you unprompted that you are the best Mommy in the world.  Children can break your heart, make you cry, make you rethink everything you THOUGHT you knew.  They can also allow you to feel a sense of protectiveness more fierce then you ever thought possible.  A feeling of love stronger than you ever felt in your entire life.  One cannot experience these emotional highs and lows until you are a parent.  That makes the sleepness nights worth it.

And as far as running through the fields?  There is very little running in my life.  Unless I am wearing my Depends.

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  1. Love the truth in that! Thank you, I needed that :)