Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hot Pink, Navy & Nautical

I LOVE hot pink, navy, and white. Especially when they're put together. I love all things nautical and think that hot pink and navy should marry each other. I didn't realize until talking to my BFF/Soulmate who is an obsessive blog reader that Hot Pink & Navy were "in" right now. I guess I am following a trend by loving them but I don't care! So I've decided that making navy an hot pink and nautical things for my store is an absolute must! So that's what I've done...a preview for what is to come July 1st....


  1. love love love of these. and WOULD wear them in MY hair. done.

    1. The ones in the first pic just sold out but the bottom two are still available!

    2. man! i never ever know when people respond to me! i JUST saw this! is there some way to change that? and you should probably just text me if you know on account of i won't know. boo!