Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Morning

My morning started off pretty eventful (well, dull to most, eventful to me). It started by going to the happiest place on earth! TARGET! I LOVE TARGET. It's like crack for moms. You can't go in for one thing because you'll come out with a million and more often than not I end up with something-if not multiple something's- for my son. Today, we purchased little people! My son is a very special boy because today he got to take home Batman and the Joker. It added to his collection of Superman and Green Lantern. He likes to chew on them and I like that they are small enough that I can stick them in my cleavage for safe keeping when they're not being used as a teether. Since all four characters are men I feel as though it is safe to assume that they too enjoying being held for safe keeping between my girls. Whilst on my voyage through the happiest place on earth (again, not Disneyland, the happiest place on earth for MOMS), I decided it was 100% necessary to throw the Barnums Animal Crackers Lilly Pultzier Edition in my cart. Why? Because the box is pretty and pink that's why. Nevermind that animal crackers taste like cardboard now that I'm in my adult years! If the box is pink it's going in my cart. Next I headed to the grocery aisle where I for some reason decided to buy CRAP. Cherry Coke, yes please! Cookie dough HELL YA! My healthiest purchase was a bottle of Smart Water. After my field day at Target, Baby A and I headed to the Starbucks drive through. Mmmmmm iced mocha. The woman in the drive through was not on her A game this morning as far as customer service goes but I let it slide because I just wanted to get my mocha and to get the cranky butt in the back seat home for his morning nap which was already an hour overdue. I smiled to myself as i looked at my mocha and my front seat passenger, my beautiful CAKE by Petunia Raspberry Clutch. Even though I looked like a frump in my teeshirt, jeans and messy ponytail, I felt like a million bucks with my clutch and my coffee. As soon as I got home and baby A went down for his morning nap it was time to break out the Little People! I took baby A's collection outside for their photo shoot and back in to be sanitized and ready to be drooled on. Like I said, eventful morning!


  1. Hahahahaha this post is full of truth and rocks my face off. I love that my best has a blog now! I think it might make me miss you a bit more:(