Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That Awkward Moment

When you're baby starts crying at 7am on the dot waking you up from a good dream. Baby A, why do you not chose to wake up at 9?! Even 8 would be appreciated!! I'm in a tired induced coma until the coffee stops brewing. Yes, I said BREWING. Whoa 1990s! Where the hell is the Keurig? Calm down, take a deep breath, I do have a Keurig! I just enjoy making a pot of coffee. Something satisfying about hearing it brew in the morning and beep at me when it's done- ok,
so that's a lie. The sound makes me want to pee and I hate having to wait but it tastes stronger fresh from the pot than it does straight from the pod. But I guess mornings aren't THAT soon as I see that gorgeous smiling face creeping up from his crib he melts all the ugly from my frost bitten heart. And then I giggle at his pjs. Ever notice how silly baby pjs are? First off, footies are amazing and although they DO make them for adults, I feel like they're just socially awkward and unacceptable- I mean, you don't see footies at Victorias secret, Macy's or Fredericks. At those places you find the sexy silk nightgowns and even the cute and playful pj pants, but never footies. Even if I was ok with the thought of wearing footies, I still wouldn't because they're so not as cute as baby ones!!!! If there isn't a giraffe on my hip or bears on my feet it's game over. Not up for discussion.

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