Friday, July 12, 2013

Hey! It's Okay!

Hi Mommy Friends!

I have had a lot of semi embarrassing mommy moments this week and it got me thinking, I'm probably not the only one making these silly errors in my daily life! Sometimes as a parent, we just need a reminder that even if we mess up, that everything will still be okay. I've decided to start this fun weekly post that will highlight some of the ridiculous things that I did, said, or didn't do during the week. The idea of this fun post is to remind all of you mommies out there that even if you break down crying because your shirt was put on inside out, it's okay!

 I am proud to present my newest fun post for y'all;

If you:

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  1. I scheduled a ped appt for an hour in the future this morning thinking I had plenty of time especially since the office is so close. Finished eating breakfast, got LO changed and got in the car. Looked down and realized I was wearing my PJ's still. It wasn't worth taking my kiddo out to get changed so I just went as is.
    My house has also gone without vacuuming for TWO weeks. My excuse is that my vacuum is actually broken and I have to borrow my parents. But it's pretty bad with a 20 month old, a dog and two cats.
    <3 I needed this today though. I felt much better after reading LOL

    1. LOL!! Getting in the car in my PJs is something I almost did last week! We were headed to the grocery store though! We have two BIG dogs so if I go more than 2-3 days without vacuuming the carpet is literally a giant hair ball. I realized last night that it has been a week and decided to vacuum at 8pm! *facepalm*

      Glad this post made you laugh! That is the intention ;)


  2. I left my laundry in the washer overnight three nights this week (different load each time at least though). Realized I took my kids to an event in our town with out brushing my hair or theirs. Neglected weeding in my garden for far too long....

  3. Asked a coworker who isn't preg when she is due! In my defense she led me into it by saying " I was relieved when I found out I was having a girl because I knew what to expect" She has a daughter already so I thought she was talking about that but it turns out she was talking about herself being a girl when she was expecting her daughter! Big fail!