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Product Review! Kicky Pants

 *I received wall decor for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

When it comes to comfort, what do you like to sleep in? Do you sleep in cotton? Silks? Fleece? Bamboo? What does your little one sleep in? When it comes to Baby A, I always think about his comfort. Rarely do I buy something for him without touching it first to see if its soft and luxurious. When it comes to his sleepers, I go the extra mile to make sure he is cozy and comfy! Thanks to our new bamboo swaddlers, when I hear that something is made from bamboo I am instantly intrigued and wanting to touch it! Our bamboo swaddlers feel like butter and Baby A absolutely adores them. When I caught wind that Kicky Pants makes their sleepers from Bamboo Viscose I was giddy and I desperately wanted to check them out.

In 2007, Kicky Pants was created when the owner was on bed rest during her second pregnancy. She was inspired to create a clothing line that would be comfortable, fashionable, and eco-friendly. She wanted to "Celebrate Innocence" with fabrics that was suited for a baby's delicate skin. Kicky Pants uses Bamboo because it is one of the most eco friendly crops, reaching full height in only about 100 days when it is in the right weather conditions. When bamboo is made into fabric it  takes on the uniqueness of the plant itself causing Kicky Pants clothing to be naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic. Bamboo also has a natural wicking which keeps your little one dry and warm. Kicky Pants uses a one of a kind fabric blend of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% Lycra causing their fabrics to be softer than any other bamboo clothing line. It is naturally soft and silky without using chemical processing and the bamboo fabric is even biodegradable! Dressing your little one in Kicky Pants is not only soft, warm, and fashionable for your child, but it is environmentally safe as well!

When Baby A's new Kicky Pants Sleeper arrived I couldn't wait to rip open the packaging and feel how soft it was. Oh. My. Goodness. I swear I melted to the ground right then and there. I couldn't wait for my little guy to wear these jammies! Aside from the fact that his new Kicky Pants Sleeper as incredibly soft, it was also light weight, yet warm enough for him to be able to wear it in the winter. Kicky Pants sent me this gorgeous blue sleeper with old fashioned bicycles on it for Baby A to test out and enjoy. This sleeper is not only adorable and comfortable but it is mommy-wise as well. Kicky Pants sleepers button from the left foot up to the collarbone making it easy for moms to just unbutton the bottom of their child's sleeper for a quick diaper change! They also  designed their sleepers to have cuffs that would turn into mittens for young babies or infants who just need their hands restricted! I tried about four times to get a picture of the mitten but Baby A screamed his head off every time I tried. I loved that the sleeper offered this feature, it is so rare to see the "built in mittens" on older babies sleepers, but at times it is so necessary!

The feet of the sleeper I found to be very unique due to the fact that like most footed pajamas, the bottoms were completely nonskid. I liked this design, it made the feet more flexible and comfortable for Baby A to wear and there wasn't any annoying elastic around the ankle which I thought was an excellent touch. It not only added comfort to the sleeper but it was a relief to know that there was no chance of it being to tight around his ankle. What I didn't like was that the feet were very wide. The sleeper was a little bit big on Baby A in height, but even when I held the sleeper to tighten it around his feet it was about a half inch or so wider than his foot was! It quite possibly could have been just the way it fit on him, but it was something that I noted that I would consider a con.

 I apologise for the blurriness of this photo, Baby A will not stop moving these days! After 5 of the same photo, this was the best I could get!
Kicky Pants sleepers are not only great for bedtime, but they're excellent for playtime as well. The material is extremely breathable and moves with his body so when Baby A is crawling or walking around, he can do so without being slowed down with stiff fabric!

When it came to the bedtime routine, Baby A enjoyed his bottle while relaxing in his Kicky Pants sleeper! That night he slept nice and warm but wasn't sweating at all when I checked on him! The bamboo allowed his skin to breathe while still keeping him warm and cozy as he slept. He slept comfortably in our air conditioned house that night with the help of his new sleeper and a light blanket. 

 Overall: I really love the Kicky Pants sleepers and I would recommend them to any mom who wants their baby to sleep in total comfort! I love the fact that the sleeper is made from bamboo since it keeps regulates their natural body temperature and keeps them toasty and dry throughout the night. The designs of the sleepers and clothing by Kicky Pants are absolutely adorable and can be mixed and matched together. I didn't love that all of their footed sleepers are all snap ups, I would love the option to buy a sleeper with a zipper closure because it makes my life a lot easier when I am trying to be quick with a diaper change! Although I do have to say that snap closures are great for the winter when you can unbutton only a few buttons and continue to keep them warm. My biggest dislike overall was how wide the feet were of the pajama, I felt like if it was a little smaller it would be more comfortable. I compared it to wearing a loose sock and for me that feeling is quite annoying. I wouldn't say that the feet are enough of a reason two keep me from buying Baby A a few more sleepers, I plan on placing an order within the next couple of weeks!

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Kicky Pants however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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