Friday, October 12, 2012

MCO Beauty Week: Lips & Cheeks

MCO Beauty Week is coming to a conclusion with Lips & Cheeks. I hope that you've enjoyed reading my beauty how to's and tips as much as I have enjoyed writing them! Now lets talk about Lips and Cheeks. Both of these facial features can be played up or down dramatically based on what you put on them.

I've never been much of a lip person until recently but I've always loved applying blush and bronzer. I will admit that in the cheek department, I stay loyal to my colors and I don't switch them up very often. For blush I am absolutely addicted to my MAC Two Virtues Blush which I believe was a limited edition blush, but really shouldn't have been! Two Virtues is a gorgeous hot pink and purple blush combo that goes on as a frosted rose pink shade. I LOVE THIS BLUSH. Seriously, once I bought it I got rid of all of the other stuff that I owned and went directly to this. It's gorgeous. I feel like no matter what, you should be wearing something on your cheeks. It finishes the look of your makeup and adds extra femininity to your look, blush is a must wear.

MCO Cheek Tip #1:

Don't be afraid of bold blush, chances are it won't apply as vibrant as it appears in its container and you will most likely fall in love!

 MAC's Two Virtues Blush and My Flat Blush Brush by Kirkland
Two Virtues On Me. See, Not to Crazy Right?
Another cheek must have for me is a sexy bronzer. I tried a million and a half bronzers before I finally found one that I loved! My aunt was actually the one who showed it to me and I was hooked instantly! I love a good bronzer that isn't to orange and has some pretty shimmer to it. Arbonne's Bronzer is JUST what I was looking for! Although I don't wear bronzer as much as I wear blush, it's so nice to have for that perfect beachy look if you are headed out for a night on the town.
 Arbonne's Bronzer and Kabuki Brush
Please Don't Judge My Bronzer, I dropped it and lost half =[
MCO Cheek Tip #2:
Don't stop searching until you find a bronzer that works for you and your skin tone.
Okay guys, now, lips is a facial feature that I have never really been that good at. My lips are sensitive and everything makes them peel so lipstick has always been hard for me. Nevertheless, I still LOVE lip products. I have a handful of lipsticks and lip glosses, and lip balms coming out of my ears. My go to lip products are EOS Lip Balm, Burts Bees Lip Balm, and Sugar Lips Lip Scrub. It is super important to keep your lips moisturized at all times otherwise they will get dry, peel, crack, and hurt like no ones business. You want to make sure you are NOT using a lip balm that is petroleum based because it will not add moisture to your lips, it will lock in what little moisture there already is. Think about it like this- Vaseline is petroleum jelly. Most parents use Vaseline on their little ones booty's to help keep moisture away from their skin and protect against diaper rash. So if you're using a petroleum based lip balm on your lips, it's going to fight off any moisture from getting in your lips. That isn't what you're looking for! I learned the hard way that Carmex is a no no. As for the Sugar Lips Lip Scrub, that is an essential to me to help against peeling and to help with moisturising my lips. I totally recommend a sugar scrub for your lips as well, if you don't have any issues with peeling or moisture, it will just leave your lips feeling plumper and hydrated!
EOS, Burt's Bees, Sugar Lips
MCO Lip Tip #1:
Make sure you ALWAYS have a ton of lip balm lying around. Seriously, put them everywhere! In your purse, by your bedside, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. The more you have lying around the easier it will be to apply it and keep your lips moisturized!

Prior to applying any sort of color on my lips, I always make sure to put on some sort of lip balm to help keep my lips hydrated. Depending on my mood I will use lip gloss or lip stick, usually I am a lip gloss kind of girl. My two go to lip glosses are both by MAC and they are Love Nectar Lusterglass and unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the second, it was a limited edition gloss from the Venomous Villain's collection and it's name has worn off of the bottom. It does however look a LOT like Love Nectar which is such a gorgeous and classic color!
Love Nectar & Limited Edition That I Can't Remember The Name Of

My Lips with Love Nectar Applied
MCO Lip Tip #2:
Invest in a good gloss or two, they will brighten your mood and your lips!

For those days that I do feel like wearing lipstick, I have five that I choose from that are all for the most part pretty neutral. My darkest is a deep red, and the brightest is a bright pink, both of which in my opinion are total essentials!
(Left to Right) MAC "Speed Dial", Mirabella "Mirabella", MAC "Fabby", Mirabella "Bare", MAC "Fresh Moroccan"
MCO Lip Tip #3:
Have fun with your lip stick. Don't take it to seriously, it's just a color! You never know what you may like.
*All of MCO's beauty tips are 100% my personal opinions, I have not gone to school for Cosmetology and I am not a professional. My statements are merely my experiences and are being shared with you for entertainment purposes. All of the products photographed have been purchased by me prior to this blog post and are for personal use.

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  1. I put a moisturizer of some kind on my lips prior to lipstick too. It really helps my lips from drying out so much. :-) Debbie D.