Monday, September 10, 2012

Featured Seller/Product Review: Jack and Jill Quilt Shop

*I received wall decor for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

When you think of baby essentials, what usually pops in your head? Diapers, wipes, crib, clothes, blankets, pacifiers, and burp cloths? I'm sure that the list could go on and on, but when Baby A was a newborn and small infant, it was so necessary for me to have burp cloths. Everywhere. Lets face it, a common act of tiny babies is spitting up. So much fun right? So many parents just grab a rag, a blanket, or an item of clothing to clean up their child's spit up- I'm not saying anything bad about those who use that method, but for those parents in particular, this is for you. Spice up your burp cloth collection with some cute, hand made burp cloths from Jack and Jill Quilt Shop.

I feel a special connection with Jack and Jill Quilt Shop because the owner Nicole lives in my home town! When I was referred to Nicole's shop by an MCO reader, I got giddy with excitement to see that I held a close connection and I knew that I had to feature Nicole on my blog. After shopping in Jack and Jill Quilt Shop, the light bulb went off over my head and I realized that I had received a bunch of Nicole's burp cloths for my baby shower. I couldn't believe it. Already knowing the fantastic quality of of the product, I was even more excited to have the potential possibility of working with Nicole to bring you guys something very special!

Jack and Jill Quilt Shop opened in May 2011 when Nicole became a stay at home mom to her daughter. She realized she then had the time to pursue her love of sewing, a trait that she had inherited from her aunt. She started creating her burp cloths by using Gerber cloth diapers, but quickly realized that they weren't as absorbent as she would have liked for using the burp cloths. After doing research, she found a high quality diaper service cloth diaper to use, knowing that it would increase the cost of her products, but also knowing that it would give her customers a higher quality item that would last. Nicole's baby is now 2, so she doesn't need the burp cloth aspect of her product, so she uses them on a daily basis for a quick changing pad or for cleaning up messes.

Although I already was lucky enough to test out Nicole's burp cloths, Nicole was sweet enough to send me a brand new three pack of a print that has not yet been released in her shop! When I opened up my package in the mail I was in awe of how beautiful Nicole's presentation of her product was. The three burp cloths were perfectly folded and tied with a white satin ribbon and they're ready to be given as a gift or kept for yourself! The first photo that I wanted to show was of how gorgeous the presentation of the burp cloths, so I tucked them neatly in Baby A's closet until I was ready for them. Low and behold, one afternoon Baby A slid his closet door open and decided to play with the burp cloths! Unfortunately I wasn't able to recreate how it looked so I proceeded to give up and move on with my day! I apologize for that! Nicole sent me three adorable burp cloths that are perfect for a baby boy or even a baby girl as well!

 I was so excited to see the burp cloths in person to compare and contrast the old burp cloths that I received for my baby shower and the new burp cloths that I had just been sent. From what I could tell (since my old ones are very well loved), the craftsmanship and quality are absolutely wonderful on both new and old. They are extremely absorbent which is perfect for spit up or toddler messes and the quality in general is amazing. I looked over my old burp cloths and from what I could see, there was not a single rip or tear! I did notice that the new ones are slightly bigger than the old, so my speculation is that Nicole switched to a new burp cloth since I received mine! I was overly happy with the old, so I know that the new are going to be perfect!

Above: New (Left) and Old (Right)

Above: Two of my Old Burp Cloths Clearly Very Well Loved but Still in Great Shape

The burp cloths are large enough so that they cover a large amount of your shoulder to help avoid spit up, but they're still small enough where if you end up wearing your burp cloth in public, it won't draw to much attention to the fact that you are wearing a spit up protector (although with these patterns, I'd recommend planning your outfit around your burp cloth!).

I love the burp cloths by Jack and Jill Quilt Shop and after testing out many different types, I genuinely feel like these burp cloths are perfect for moms with children of all ages- the quality of them cannot be beat, the price for the quality is absolutely amazing, and the fabrics/patterns are adorable. Whether you purchase for yourself or for a gift, you will not be disappointed when that package arrives on your doorstep with these gorgeous burp cloths!

Check out Jack and Jill Quilt Shop to see everything they have to offer! Whether you're looking for burp cloths, quilts, picnic baskets, or even mixer covers, I can pretty much promise you that you'll fall in love with something! But wait, there's more! Jack and Jill Quilt Shop is offering MCO readers a 15% discount on your entire purchase! Use the code MCOfan for your special discount!

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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