Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Won!!!

I am so excited to announced that we were one of the winners to get to test out Infantino's Fresh Squeezed system! The fresh squeeze system is a homemade baby purée maker and packaging system! I cannot wait to host our "squeeze party" and try this system!

In the spirit of Baby A's love for Mickey Mouse, our theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I will be making invitations pretty much identical to what I did for his first birthday and I will even recycle the banner and decor used for the party! I cannot wait! Our attendees will be Baby A (age 1), Miss Allie (age 2), Miss Deandra (age 3), Mr. Caden (age 9 months- he will be our squeeze party supervisor since technically he isn't within quite in the age limit- hehe) and Mr. Mikey (age 3)!

If you did not get the chance to read our submission on Infantino's Facebook, our party will use all fresh fruits and veggies from our produce basket from Bountiful Baskets (stay tuned for Saturdays post to learn more about Bountiful Baskets). Hoping and assuming that Infantino will have the products to us in a timely manner, the Mickey Mouse Club House Squeeze Party will be held on September 15th which means I will have a review up the evening of the 15th or by the 16th.

All of us moms and kiddos are so excited to have the chance to test out this new product! I can't wait to share my opinions on it with you!

*Update: Per email from Infantino, the squeeze system will not ship for 2-3 weeks therefore I will not have the review up until early October! Thank you for your pacience!

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