Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY: Mickey Mouse Invitations

I'm all for DIY when I can, and birthday parties are no exception. Since our family vacation to Disneyland in April, I've been scouring the Internet and Pinterest for Mickey Mouse birthday ideas. I came across quite a few things that I've book marked and planned to do. The first, these invitations. I couldn't find a website that showed me how to make them but I rendered them simple enough and went at it one night.

What You'll Need:

-Black, red and yellow card stock
-A White Colored Pencil
-A Black Fine Tipped Marker
-A Computer (with the internet and some sort of word processor)
-A Printer
-Invitation Envelopes

What You'll Need To Do:

My first suggestion is to write out your guest list so that you know how many invitations to make. Once you've done that start scouring the Internet (google images) for a Mickey Mouse Head Outline of your choosing. I recommend one that is not filled in so you do not waste printer ink. Once you've found one to your liking, copy and paste it into your word processor and adjust it to the size of your invitation envelopes. Once you've adjusted it to the right size (you may have to print to really see if it'll fit), print out two copy's of the Micky head outline. Using your scissors, cut out both Mickey heads, saving one as your template for the Mickey, and cutting the other in half and saving the bottom half circle. Your two templates should look like this:

Once you've cut your templates out, use your white colored pencil to trace the half circles onto the red card stock and the Mickey heads onto the black paper making the appropriate amount for the number of invitations you will mail out. Once you've traced all of your Mickeys and Mickeys pants, cut them all out, putting them into two piles for easy grabbing! (I apologize, I got into the groove of DIY and forgot to take a photo of the traced Mickeys and half circles.) After cutting the Mickeys, take your yellow card stock and make as many circles as you need for two buttons per pants (for example, 12 invitations will need 24 buttons). Some people may be perfectionists in which case I highly recommend using something round to trace for the buttons, but I am all for a hand made look so I hand drew all of my less than perfect buttons! Once they're all drawn, cut them out and then take your black market and add four dots to each circle to give them the button look.

After completing all of your cutting, it's time to glue! Take your glue and apply a small amount around the edge of the red half circles. DO NOT APPLY GLUE TO THE TOP OF THE HALF CIRCLE (the flat part!!!), this is where you will slip your invitation details into. Once you've attached the half circle to the Mickey, apply two drops of glue to where you will want the buttons and stick them on!

While you are waiting for your invitations to dry, hop onto your computer and use your word processor to create the invitation portion of your invitations. I chose to keep mine very basic since I am only sending them to family members and I know that almost all of them will not be able to attend due to us living so far away. Print out as many as you need and cut them small enough to fit your Mickeys. I believe I used a size 8 font and cut as close to the wording as possible.

When you're sure that your Mickeys are dry, slip the invitation portion into them, address your envelopes, stamp them and into the mailbox they go!!

These invitations are adorable no matter how old your child is turning! Stay tuned for the whole DIY portion of a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party coming late September! If you like these invitations, you'll love what's in store!


  1. I love this! I am planning a Minnie Mouse birthday party for my daughter and trying to get some ideas on making cute stuff and save some money. That is simple and adorable! How fun!

  2. Thank you! They're super easy and lots of fun!!

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  4. Cute! Saving this for my daughters 2nd bday.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  5. Fantastic! My granddaughter wants a Mickey Mouse birthday party and I was wondering if we had to buy the expensive invitations. You just saved me quite a few bucks and I love to craft so this is perfect.