Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby A's Favorite Toys (Okay, Maybe They're My Favorite Toys Too!)

Baby A is spoiled rotten with the amount of toys he has! He has a few select favorites but mostly, he'd be happy opening and closing cabinets or pulling the books off of the book shelf all day. We were lucky to have family members with baby's close in age to Baby A so we got a lot of hand me downs though them. What's better than free toys?! While Baby A enjoys the simplicity of bookshelves and cabinets he does still have a bunch of toys that just completely captivate him. His Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes toy, his Nuby Bug A Loop and all of his Fisher Price Little People are a few of his favorites. Let me just say as well- I am absolutely obsessed with his little people. We have the action heroes and beauty and the beast- (okay okay, Belle is for me....). For his birthday, I'm hoping for some more little people! Baby A loves his "weeble", his bath toy Turtle, his black and white mickey from Disneyland and so much more! If there was a natural disaster and we had time to grab just a few toys, those would be the ones we needed to grab! Baby A also has a book obsession just like I do. He loves to play with and flip through his books! I am so thankful for that, my grow up plan for him is to play outside, use his imagination and read as much as possible. Sure, a movie or tv here and there is okay but I want him to enjoy non electronics much more.

What does your little one love to play with?

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