Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Things Women Do For Their Men

Tonight I took a moment to stop and think about all of the things us women do for our men. I don't know about you, but I do a lot!!

I am a stay at home mom, so the day is mine to play housewife by making meals, cleaning house, and looking after Baby A. The day is just never over for us mamas whether we work within the home or physically go to work! There is always something that needs to be done! For me, my day starts with Baby A and ends with Mr. Hunky. My mornings start with a bright two teeth smile and giggles for a greeting- I couldn't ask for a happier hello. What comes next, isn't as heartwarming. That's right, you guessed it...I change his diaper. Usually my mornings consist of a nice large...well, you know. After I'm finished with that glamorous endeavor I head to the living room and stick Baby A in front of his toys while I grab his morning bottle. As the bottle is heating I put away Mr. Hunkys dishes from his breakfast and let Mrs. Bow Jangles out to do her business. By then, Baby A is profusely whining for me to feed him so I grab his bottle and pull him onto the couch with me so that he can eat. Our days vary depending on the weather and what errands we have but one thing stays consistent. I am always doing some for my [little] man. Whether its feeding him, playing with him, putting him down for a nap, changing him, my attention is constantly on him! There is absolutely no greater job in the world than to be a mother, but the moral of the story is that us women are always doing something for their men!

When Mr. Hunky arrives home I become ten times busier than I was- I unpack his lunch, I make him an after work smoothie, and I start to plan dinner. Usually while I am cooking dinner I try to get ahead of the game and make Mr. Hunkys lunch- pb&j, turkey sandwich, goldfish, wheat thins, beef jerky, granola bar, carrots and celery w/PB to the side & something sweet. Fast forward ahead to Baby As bath & bedtime, after which I clean up the living room and hop in the shower. Typically my night ends with me preparing Mr. Hunkys breakfast- I crack 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites and scramble them together with some
milk. I HATE cracking eggs. I think it is so disgusting and I cannot stand doing it at all!!! But I do it, every night. Why? Because I love my men and I would do anything for them!

What are some of the consistent things that you do for your man/men?

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