Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mrs. Bow Jangles' Boo Boo

Today was full of worry, stress, anxiety and nervousness until about 2:30pm. Yesterday, as Baby A was Splish Splashing in his baby pool, I was petting Mrs. Bow Jangles and I noticed a spot on her shoulder (more toward her back) was caked together. So I grabbed the hose thinking it was something sticky from Baby A and I let the water run on it. She ran away so quick I couldn't even react. It took a lot of coaxing before I could get her to come near me again and when I did my heart shattered into pieces. As I took a look through her hair I could see that her skin was raw, blistered and had puss :( I had no idea what was wrong- the only thing I could think of is that something happened to her when she went to the groomers on Saturday. I wanted to cry- so I did. Yes, she's a dog, but shes my dog, she's my first born and my baby girl. My heart was broken. After calling every vet in town the soonest I could get in was today (I was calling yesterday) at 2:30pm. So needless to say a better half of yesterday and majority of today was filled with everything I mentioned at the start of this post. I was a wreck, I seriously couldn't even eat dinner last night and had to force feed myself Cheerios for breakfast. Thank goodness this vet was helpful, I really liked the woman who helped us out. Back home, people aren't as friendly as they are here. It took three of us to hold Mrs. Bow Jangles down so the vet could shave the hair down to be able to see what was going on but she finally was able to look at it and reassure me that she would be okay. What she thought happened was that Mrs. Bow Jangles had an abscess on her shoulder/back and at the groomer (obviously they didn't know as I didn't even know) they were brushing her they punctured it. Since it had gone four days without me noticing, it had gotten mildly infected but her body for the most part was fighting it off really well. I feel like the worlds worst dog mom for not noticing it :( if I hadn't have been searching for ticks I probably wouldn't have come across it! It wasn't visibly noticeable through her hair and that's not a place that I typically pet so I didn't feel the caked hair :( Mrs. Bow Jangles is now on antibiotic, has a skin cleansing treatment and was in better spirits when we left the vet. I think she just happy to be out of that place! Poor Mrs. Bow Jangles, I'm just glad I found it when I did!