Monday, June 2, 2014

Homemade White Nectarine Frozen Yogurt

The heat has come! Is everyone ready for it?! Call me crazy, but Summer is the most wonderful time of the year (just don’t tell Santa I said that)! Full of fun in the sun, where possibilities can be endless! 

But, how do you cool off in the heat of summer? Sure, the number one answer would be to drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated… 

My answer: Ice Cream! Easy, and Healthy Homemade Ice Cream. To be technical, its frozen yogurt, but I’m not going to say that to my kids! Why would they want to eat something that could possibly be good for them AND delicious??

White Nectarine Frozen Yogurt is my absolute favorite! Only problem I have with it is that fact that you have to work with their season. And when do they come along…. its SUMMER (OK late Spring, but they go into the Summer as well). This frozen yogurt is sweet, healthy, and will cool you down on those heated Summer days. Easy enough to make for a busy evening dessert, and great to make even for special celebrations. Best part about it, since it is fabulously healthy, it will not jeopardize your bikini body ;)

6 Very Ripe White Nectarines (Diced)
2 Cups of Organic Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt (Non-Fat Yogurt of Your Choice)
¼ Cup of Honey
2 Tsp of Torani Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (Measure to your Taste)

NOTE: This can be made with or without an Ice Cream Maker. It will simply take a little while longer to freeze if the Ice Cream Maker is not used.

Pull the Ice Cream Maker out and plug it in, at this time I normally take the bowl out of the freezer from sitting in there overnight, so all is ready for me to pour in after blending. After dicing the nectarines, puree them in a blender or food processor. Add in the yogurt, honey and syrup. Blend all ingredients together in the blender for about 15-20 seconds. 

Pour the mixture into the Ice Cream Maker bowl. Secure in mixer and the cover, and let it go to work! Let the Ice Cream Maker go for about 25-30mins. Scoop it all into a freezer friendly container, and place the frozen yogurt into the freezer uncovered for another 30mins before consuming. 

If you are not using an Ice Cream Maker, puree and blend all ingredients as stated above. Pour the mixture into a freezer friendly container, and place in the freezer uncovered for 4+ hours. Going in and mixing it every 30-45 minutes helps the freezing process a lot!


You've just read a guest publication by Stephine Jazuk.

Wife to a Sexy Maintenance Man. Mommy of a Preschooler Little Boy and Toddler Little Girl. Addicted to Health and Fitness, but in Love with Sweets and Baking! Crafty DIY kind of Mommy, always finding a reason the Celebrate and Owner of JazukDesignerDieCuts.


  1. Oh, boy! I can't wait to make this! I don't have an ice cream maker, but that's ok, it's worth the extra effort. I'd just add a mint leaf as garnish for the top. Pinned and planned!

  2. This sounds like a delicious recipe. I have never used nectarines to make ice cream of frozen yogurt.

  3. Yum! I love how healthy this is, and it looks delicious and refreshing. I never thought of making frozen yogurt in the ice cream maker!

  4. Yum! I love how healthy this is, and it looks delicious and refreshing. I never thought of making frozen yogurt in the ice cream maker!

  5. Yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. I must try this recipe! Thanks for sharing! Looks delicious!!

  7. hanks for this inspiration! It's been a while since I made ice cream in the Vitamix.

  8. This looks delicious and so refreshing.

  9. This looks so delicious! I've used strawberries but not white nectarines!

  10. This looks so yummy!! I am definitely going to try it. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Have to get me some nectarines very soon. This would be delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

    slehan at juno dot com

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