Friday, April 11, 2014

Get Ready to Party!

Before you virtually smack me, know that the blog hasn't been updated because I FINALLY tied the knot last Saturday April 5th! It was an absolutely amazing and crazy busy week but the end result was so worth it when we were pronounced husband and wife and had our first married kiss.

Now that the wedding planning is over and the big day has come and gone, I am ready to buckle down and retransform this blog into what it use to be - packed full of fun DIYs, Crafts, Recipes, Reviews, & Giveaways.

With that being said, it's time to announce my FAVORITE event of the year! MCO's Birthday Bash is right around the corner!

Can you believe that a year flew by already? I sure can't.

In case you haven't been with us for a year yet, our first Birthday Bash was HUGE! And boy do I mean huge. Each day debuted a new amazing giveaway (and sometimes a review too!) and we were giving away everything from cookware to strollers. This year we've decided to make this a week long event and feature some of our favorite products and some new ones that we think are pretty awesome too.

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  1. Well, Happy Birthday to an awesome blog!!! : )

  2. Congrats!!! Pictures! We want pictures!!!!!

    1. Thank you Sandy! Photos coming soon, waiting on them from the photographer :)