Monday, March 10, 2014

Bachelorette Party Take 2!

Before moving to Arizona, my biggest fear was that I wouldn't make any friends. There I was, a 20 something year old women with an 8th month old, freaked out that I'd be a loner mom who no one wanted to be friends with. Making friends is never easy, especially when it comes to females. Lets face it, good female friends are hard to come by!

When moving day came and went and we were settled in our new surroundings, I was lucky enough to be able to meet some of Mr. Hunky's co-workers and their wives, so I was hoping out of the ladies that I met that some friendships would form. It took a while, but within a few months I had become close friends with Daedra, my lovely *now* co-blogger. I had already felt extremely lucky and appreciative to have found such a great friend in such a short amount of time, so when I was introduced to another co-workers wife and became close with her as well, I was ecstatic! All of our boys were very close in age and Daedra and Amanda have daughters that are close in age, so it really couldn't have worked out more perfect that we all became close friends who see each other weekly! Between play dates and our weekly dinners, these ladies have become two of my closest friends and I am lucky to have them in my life!

When they spilled the beans that they wanted to plan me a second bachelorette party here, I was ridiculously excited. Then they broke the news. I wouldn't have any idea about any of the plans until they happened. That included the date, time, location, etc. Being the over planner who hates surprises, I thought I would go insane before the day of the party. Luckily the girls took account of my control freak demeanor and dropped me little clues here and there.

The first extremely generous clue they gave me was a surprise visit to my house with an adorable dress wrapped up in a box. A message to get ready to 'get dolled up for an evening of fun' was enclosed and I was more excited by the second!

The second clue they gave me was a few weeks later, I arrived at our weekly dinner to find a cupcake with a super cute sign stuck in it that said "Get Ready" on the front, and "March 8" on the back. Knowing that was only a week away I could hardly contain my excitement and was ready to see what they had up their sleeve.

The evening before my bachelorette party I received a text from Amanda telling me to be ready the next morning at 10:45am dressed in a cute dress (not the one they had bought me) and sandals, to pack a bag with extra make up and my evening dress, and that they would be there to kidnap me! I was anxious so of course I was ready by 10:30am and sat in anticipation for the next 15 minutes.

When the girls arrived they were ready with donuts and a bachelorette kit in hand (equipped with bride-to-be sunglasses, a bachelorette sash, and a tiara that lit up!) and told me we were going for some pampering! They whisked me away in Daedras car, that also was 'dressed up' for the occasion, and took me to my favorite nail salon in town where we all received some princess pampering of manicures and pedicures. Already feeling spoiled, Daedra and Amanda then told me that I was to hang out with Daedras sister until her manicure was done and that the two of us would meet them at the next location.

When Mandy and I got in the car she told me she had an errand to run and then she had to stop by Daedra's to pick up something she forgot, then we would be on our way. Excited and along for the ride I sat happily in the passenger seat, and when we arrived at Daedra's, Mandy told me to come inside with her for a second and then we would be on our way.

When we walked inside, I was surprised to see that Daedra and Amanda had transformed Daedra's kitchen/dining area and living room into a gorgeous bachelorette party!  Everything looked absolutely amazing and I was so awe-struck that they went through so much effort to do all of this for me. These girls are amazing!

Not only did the ladies do an amazing job at making everything pink and sparkly, just how I like it, they even took the time to think of party games and get amazing prizes for the games. We played a super fun game of How Well Do You Know The Bride that came with cards of questions about the bride, cards with questions about the bride and groom, and "I Dare You" tasks that gave us all side aches from laughing so hard.

Warning: If you are a conservative person you may not want to see these next pictures! This is your fair warning...



To kick the party into high gear, we decided to play a ridiculously hilarious game called "Pin the Macho on the Man". Being the bride they had me go first and I had to pin the, uh, macho, onto the man using my mouth. It's harder than you would imagine. On the first try I ended up smacking my nose on the wall and decided to call it quits and use my hands instead. Although I was technically cheating, we all still found it to be hilarious. The other ladies at the party had much better luck then their mouthes than I did! 

We also incorporated two games into one by using balloons and panties. The lovely ladies who attended the party each brought a pair or two of panties for me which Daedra kindly hung up over her couch as another item of decor (which I loved by the way). I then got to choose my favorite pair of panties and whoever brought them won a prize. Next I had to guess who brought each panty and if I were right I got to pop a balloon that was floating around on the floor and had a prize in it! If I were wrong, the person who brought the pair of panties got to pop a balloon.

The "real" prizes were lotions and fragrance sprays, and gift cards, and the balloon prizes were fun little things to use in the bedroom (use your imagination).

You know the day has been a ridiculous amount of fun when you decide it's time to take off your bra...

After all of the fun we realized it was time to get ready for the evening portion of the bachelorette party so we all took some time to get dolled up and into our evening dresses to head to dinner.

The girls surprised me by taking me to a restaurant that I've been dying to try - The Melting Pot! It was absolutely delicious and so, so much fun. We were there for hours just laughing and eating.

I am so appreciative of the beautiful day that the girls planned for me, it was nice to have a day away from everything and spend it with some of my best girls!

I hope our photos inspire you whether you're planning a bachelorette party or are the bride! Feel free to pin!

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  1. What a great group of ladies! I'm glad they spoiled you!

  2. Everyone needs someone to make the effort to help them feel special. I'm glad you got that!

  3. What a perfectly awesome wedding shower~~~You deserved it :D