Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Best Kind of Holiday Gift: My Pregnancy Story

This time of year always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, not because it's Christmastime but because it was this time of year that my fiancé and I conceived Little Mister on December 26, 2010.  

This Christmas season I want to share my pregnancy experience with you! 

I found out I was pregnant with Baby A when I was between 1-2 weeks pregnant. No, Mr. Hunky and I were not trying to get pregnant and no, I did not purposely get pregnant. So how did I know so early? I'm one of those women who is very in tune with their body. Something felt off, different I guess you could say. I hadn't missed my period yet so I didn't know for sure that I was pregnant, I just knew my body felt different. Wanting to be on the safe side, my best friend M and I went to the drugstore and got a pregnancy test. When we got back to my townhouse, we ran upstairs and I peed on the stick. 

Let me just tell you, the First Response pregnancy tests are garbage. The test came out positive, but at that time we didn't really know if it was negative or positive. The second line was so faint that we both had no clue! M left shortly after and I told her that I would take another test shortly and text her. 

The second test came out positive, again with that stupid little faint line that made me think, well maybe not. So I headed out to the drug store again. This time I bought a Clear Blue test. I went home and peed on the stick. 


I peed on another stick. 


I texted M and told her the test came out negative. Then the panic set in. I needed time to wrap my head around it. 

Next step, tell Mr. Hunky. I went to the drug store yet again and picked up another test, this time a Clear Blue digital. One that would clearly tell me, pregnant or not pregnant! I got home and peed on the stick, leaving the bathroom before I could read its results. I took a deep breath, went downstairs and marched up to Mr. Hunky. 

"I think I am pregnant" I told him. 
"What do you mean you think"? Was the response I was given. 

"I mean I think I am, I took four tests, they all looked positive but that second line is just so deceiving. Upstairs there is a test on the bathroom counter, it reads either 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant'. You can go look."

Mr. Hunky came back down stairs holding a pregnancy test that said pregnant. 

When the shock wore off and we were able to think clearly, I knew I had to tell my mom, so I called her and asked her to come over "for breakfast" in the morning. The next day as my mom sat on my couch, she knew something was up. I was anxious, nervous, I could hardly look her in the eye. I felt as though I was 16 and pregnant. I handed her the pregnancy test and we both cried. Tears of fear or happiness, I wasn't sure of until later. I called my doctor and had an appointment to get blood work done within two hours. I had to find out how far I was and get started on prenatal care. I was going to be a mommy. 

The first trimester was absolute hell. Pregnancy glow? That's actually perspiration from throwing up all morning. Looking like I got two hours of sleep? I actually got eight thanks for asking. Everything made me sick! Smells, tastes, seeing things...even water made me sick. I forced myself to eat and drink but instill lost almost ten pounds in my first trimester. Thankfully, the doctor was not worried and the baby was doing great. 

Despite all of the sickness, I couldn't wait to find out the sex of our baby. I had tons and tons of names chosen for a baby girl and a few names I loved for boys. My top names for a girl were Sofia, Scarlet, Harper and Giana. My top names for a boy were Aiden, Landon, Charlie and Dominick. The night before our 20 week appointment to find out what our baby was, Mr. Hunky and I narrowed down our list to Sofia Lee and Aiden Jackson. Our baby would be named the following day. 

Finding out Baby A was a boy was the biggest joy. For the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, I swore up and down that my baby was a girl. It had to be a girl. Tutus, pink, sparkles, and cupcakes was what I lived for, it's only natural for me to have a girl, right? It wasn't until about a month before my appointment that it hit me that our baby might be a boy. After really processing that, I just knew. I could feel it. I was carrying a boy and I was absolutely in love with my son. I told everyone who would listen that I was completely confident that I was having a boy, regardless of the fact that everyone laughed at me and said "it may still be a girl". It was a boy and when the ultrasound tech confirmed it, I was overjoyed. Phone calls, texts, and email blasts were sent out baring "It's a Boy! Aiden Jackson will be joining our family in late September". 

The second trimester was decent. I was very fatigued but I couldn't complain to much, my vitals were perfect, Baby A was perfect and thriving. I was still working, enjoying life, and getting excited to be a mommy. My godmother, my mom, and I were planning my baby shower and I was having an absolute blast doing it. 

My third trimester is when I started hating life again. I was huge, I was waddling, tired, couldn't stop peeing and I was sick of looking at baby stuff and not having a baby to use it! I was so beyond ready to give birth. My baby shower came and went with success, doctors appointments were becoming a weekly occurrence, and I had left work a week earlier than planned due to my fatigue. Was Baby A here yet? 

My last appointment before delivery was a surprising one. One thing to know about me, if you haven't already gathered so, is that up am a fairly private person. I had a lot of trouble finding an OBGYN who I actually liked and trusted and when I got pregnant, I secured my slot as a patient with my doctor and made it very clear to he that she was the one who I wanted doing my check ups and when it was time, my delivery. Of course, if it was an urgent matter I would go to the doctor and see other doctors and/or midwives but it wasn't something that I preferred to do. I wanted my doctor, no one else. So when I walked into my appointment that Tuesday afternoon I was surprised to see a midwife, rather than my doctor. I wasn't about to reschedule my appointment and make my 39 week 2 day pregnant self have to come back, so instead I stuck it out. The midwife informed me that Everything was perfect and that the baby would be here anytime. Me, being the perfectionist that I am, asked about my doctors absence and wanted reassurance that she'd be the doctor delivering. I was then informed that it was very unlikely that my doctor would delivery as she was only guaranteed at the hospital on Thursdays and that they all rotated being on call....

I thew a fit. Call me selfish, but it had to be my doctor that delivered my son. I trusted her and only her and I wanted no one else for the delivery. The midwife said that there may be some way to guarantee that it was her delivering my baby. She excused herself and left the room. When she returned, she gave me the news that she had contacted my doctor for the OK and made arrangements for a scheduled induction the following day. She informed me that there maybe complications such as a lengthy delivery or a chance of needing a C Section, but at the time I was blinded with the excitement of holding my son in my arms and having my doctor be the one to deliver, that I didn't care. I confirmed the induction time and left the room as giddy as a kid on Christmas. I was finally going to hold my sweet baby boy in my arms. I couldn't wait.

*Being induced was a decision that I made and that I now regret. Please do not leave comments criticizing or judging me for choosing induction, if you do your comment will not be published as I do not want or need to drama/judgement/criticism on my blog. Thank you for respecting my decision*

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post!!


  1. I completely understand your anxiety when it comes to having only your dr deliver! I would only see one midwife in the office. She is amazing and she delivered my 2nd and 3rd sons. When I was 36 weeks pregnant I found out that my midwife was on vacation the week before I was due! I was in complete panic mode. I was induced with my 2nd son but I didn't have a choice in that matter (I had low fluid) but my body was just not progressing enough for me to be induced before my dr went on vacation. So there I was stuck in panic mode that my midwife was not going to make it back home in time for my delivery. I actually went into labor on my due date and when I made it to the hospital they informed me that my midwife had called just a few hours before to check to see if I had gone into labor yet and they told her no. She told them that she was on her way home and that if I went into labor to call her. They ended up calling her and she came into the hospital and delivered my son on October 20, 2013 even though she was not scheduled to work until the next day. She said to me I knew that you were not going to let anyone else deliver Isaac so here I am. What a relief it was to see her face come through the door while I was in labor! I am excited to read part 2!

  2. I feel the same way about my doctor. I'm very private and only want to see him. After all, medical info. is confidential, right? I don't even like when there is a doctor in training with him. All I can say is I'm surprised that any store kit would show positive that early on. Those things are expensive too!

    1. They were so expensive!!! I won't be buying that many next time, that's for sure!!

  3. I love reading other people's pregnancy and birth stories! Can't wait to read part 2!

    1. Thanks Alicia! Part 2 will be published next week!