Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10 Things I Vow to Teach my Daughter

When I found out I was pregnant I wanted nothing more then to be blessed with a little baby girl, so when I found out that my first child was in-fact the little princess I had been dreaming of, the love and joy were so much more than words could describe.  I want nothing but the best for her in this crazy world!

I am very close to my mom she is my best friend and biggest supporter, I am thankful everyday that I was blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life, that has taught me so many valuable lessons on growing up and being a woman, I want nothing more then to be there in the same way for my precious Little Miss.  

After reading Alex’s 10 Things I Vow to Teach My Son, it got me thinking about all the important things in life my mom taught me and what I want to teach my daughter.  As a mother it is so important for me to pass down to her all the things I have learned and teach her to be the best that she can be!

Dear Little Miss,

I want you to have everything in life that your little heart desires, but you need to know that it isn’t easy, life has all kinds of crazy ups and downs and you have to learn to roll with it!  I will be here to encourage you every step of the way!  Here is a few things I want you to know...

10.  Nothing in life is free.
Don’t be afraid to work hard for what you want, nothing in life comes for free.  The harder you work the more you will appreciate it.

9.  Be happy!
Dance in the rain, sing in the shower, give yourself time to stop and smell the roses because you and only you control your happiness, don’t ever let anyone take that away.

8.  Beauty comes from the inside.  
I think it’s important to take pride in the way you look, but what really counts is whats on the inside.  No matter how beautiful you are on the outside if your ugly on the inside thats what people will see.

7.  Learn to say NO! 
While it’s not something I like for you to say to me, it is definitely something you need to learn to say to boys and peer pressure.  I want to teach you to listen to that little feeling in your stomach that tells you something isn’t right and will probably get you into trouble, it’s usually right!

6.  Don’t rush into marriage.
This is a huge decision in life take your time to find your perfect man.  Your Daddy and Papa are great examples of how a man should treat a woman.  Use them as an example on what to look for in a husband.  Don’t settle for anything less then perfect because you deserve the best, and you may just get lucky like Nana and I did!  

5.  Learn from your mistakes.
Don't dwell on them and let them bring you down, but know that failures are a part of life to learn from.  In every mistake there is a potential for growth.

4.  Have confidence and be true to yourself.
Never be afraid to speak your opinion or stand up for yourself.  Never pretend to be someone or something your not.

3.  Give respect.
If you give respect you will get it in return and thats what you deserve.  Never settle for anything less.  

2.  Love yourself!  
Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place.

1.  I will love you no matter what.
No matter what choices you make whether I agree with them or not, through the good times and even the days you think you hate me, you will always be my little girl and I will love you no matter what!



What do you vow to teach your daughter?

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  1. I TRIED to tell her to make sure she learns a trade, where she can support herself, and not feel she has to depend on a man for financial reasons. She didn't her and (my) regret...!

  2. That is definitely a great thing to teach every girl!

  3. These are all great things to teach our girls to grow up strong and independent and to be respectable. All we can hope for is that they listened to us. First thing is that we ensure that we lead by example.

  4. 7 - women are pressure to feel a lot of guilt, and accept bad situations to avoid being labeled with the B word, so that's a really important one to teach our girls.

  5. Perfect list, I could not have made a better one myself. I hope to teach my son all of the same things.

  6. Love this list and I'll have to save it for my daughter when she gets older. I especially like #6 about marriage - I always say that I will tell my daughter she isn't allowed to get married until she's at least 30 and or has had a chance to travel the world and must live alone for at least a year!!