Sunday, November 24, 2013

30 Days of Elf On A Shelf {Calendar & DIY}

I always swore that I wouldn't jump on the Elf On A Shelf bandwagon but this year I just couldn't resist! I found the cutest little elf at Costco and decided, why not?! Wanting to be prepared I decided to create my own calendar to follow starting 30 days prior to Christmas! 

If you do Elf On A Shelf for you children and need a little inspiration this year, feel free to print out my calendar and use it as well, or use the second calendar to DIY your own E.O.A.S. schedule!

Day 1. Elf Writes Child an "I'm Back" Note
Day 2. Elf Takes [Toy] Car on a Joyride
Day 3. Elf Snuggles With Dog (or Cat)
Day 4. Elf Hides in Laundry Basket
Day 5. Elf Facetimes Nana (or Grandma or Grandpa, or aunt, or uncle)
Day 6. Elf Makes a Paper Airplane
Day 7. Elf Flies on Paper Airplane
Day 8. Elf Lines up Hot Wheels (or dolls!)
Day 9. Elf Draw a Picture
Day 10. Elf Falls Asleep in Sink
Day 11. Elf Plays Dress Up with a Sock
Day 12. Elf Makes Cookies
Day 13. Elf Reads Goodnight Moon
Day 14. Elf Eats all of the Chocolate Chips
Day 15. Elf Steals Remote
Day 16. Elf Tries on Moms Jewelry
Day 17. Elf Climbs Christmas Tree
Day 18. Elf Hides in Stocking
Day 19. Elf Sneaks Marshmallows
Day 20. Elf Collects Coal (Raisins)
Day 21. Elf Writes Letter to Santa
Day 22. Elf Builds Marshmallow Snowman
Day 23. Elf Swings from Doorframe
Day 24. Elf Plants Elf Seeds (Tic Tacs)
Day 25. Elf Harvest Candy Canes (That Grew from Elf Seeds)
Day 26. Elf Wraps Presents
Day 27. Elf Makes Snow Angel
Day 28. Elf Leaves Small Present for Child
Day 29. Elf Hugs Christmas Tree (because he doesn't want to go away for another year!)
Day 30. Elf Says Merry Christmas!

Want to create your own E.O.A.S Calendar? Use the template below!

Click to Enlarge, then print in Landscape!

If you decide to follow along with our calendar we would love to see pics! Feel free to post to our Facebook wall!

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  1. We too bought the Elf on a Shelf Advent calendar & plush at Cosco this year. Time to start a new tradition.

    1. Isn't that little elf so cute! I'm really excited about it!!

  2. We have never done Elf on a shelf, but I am thinking that maybe next year we will get into that. I really like your ideas here.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I'd recommend the elf from Costco! They're about $11, plush, and not creepy! LOL

  3. I wish I had an Elf On A Shelf! :( I think they're so adorable and these little mischievous things they do look like fun

    1. Angel you should go to Costco! They have a plush Elf for about $11 and they're super cute!

  4. I love this! Elf on a Shelf is so expensive, so I bought a Hermie look-a-like from Target last year. Looking forward to breaking him out soon!- Tara Berke Torres

    1. That's awesome! Use the template above to create your own calendar! I think I am going to get a 1/2 Binder and make calendars yearly to look back on to see what our little elf has done over the years!

  5. This is a great idea and all of the days are so cute. I am going to do this for my son.

  6. I hear about elf on a shelf a lot but I don't really get what it is. It looks like you put an elf in a different spot each day but why???

  7. This is such a neat idea! The kiddos will love it! I FINALLY bought an elf on the shelf at Barnes & Noble and I am so glad I did! Thanks for the great idea and the share! =)

  8. This is so cute! I'll have to do this next year!

  9. Okay I am not a total dingaling, but I haven't had any small kids around for many years. So I had no idea what the Elf on the Shelf "thing" was all about. So I did a quick google before I read this and now I get it. Very cute idea and I love that it could very well become a tradition that is passed down.

  10. I love the idea of Elf on a Shelf and cannot wait to do this in the future with my son. My nephew is five this year and I share your calendar with my sister, so she can use it for her first year of Elf on a Shelf with her son. Thank you from both of us for all of the creative ideas!

  11. this seems like a great ideal--thanks for sharing !!

  12. i really want to start this tradition with my little one..this elf on shelf looks like fun.

  13. We never got into the Elf on a Shelf tradition, but now I'm thinking we may need to get one. This is SUPER cute. Thank you for sharing!

  14. great ideas. will be printing this out.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  15. I never really wanted to do the Elf but it looks so fun! At what age do you think it really sinks in as to what the Elf is doing? My son is 2.5 and the Advent calendar isn't going as well as planned! LOL

  16. I love this idea!! I have been hesitant to do it for fear that I would run out of ideas. This year will be the year, thank you!