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I Support You Movement - Interview with Larisha C. From We're Parents?!

There are two different ways to feed your infant; with breast milk or with formula. The breast feeders often argue that "breast is best", while the formula feeders argue that formula is just as nutritious for babies. So which is right? Which is wrong? 

Both are right and neither are wrong. That's right. No two parents will parent 100% the same and whether you're your child is breast fed or formula fed does not reflect on your parenting style or how much you love your child.

I support you. Regardless of how you feed your child, I support you. 
Because we all need the support. 

The breastfeeders are judged for nursing in public and the formula feeders are judged for using formula.  But guess what?

The breastfed babies will get sick and the formula fed babies will get sick.
The breastfed babies will be cranky and the formula fed babies will be cranky.
The breastfed babies will be happy and the formula fed babies will be happy.
The breastfed babies will grow up and lead a happy life and so will the formula fed babies.

So why the judgement? Lets end the judgement and start the supporting.

I support you.

For the I Support You movement, Larisha from We're Parents?! and I teamed up to interview each other's feeding experiences. Larisha's daughter is exclusively breastfed whereas my son, Baby A, was a formula fed baby. We'd love for you to take a few minutes and read each other's experiences as to why we each made the decisions that we have made. Click here to check out my interview with Larisha, and continue to read below for Larisha's interview. 

Q1) Please share a brief summary of your feeding experience.

I have one daughter which I exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of her life.  At 6 months we also started solids (baby led weaning) in addition to breastfeeding.  We are currently still breastfeeding at 8+ months.   

Q2) What was your original plan for feeding your child, and how did that compare to what you ultimately ended up doing?

Our plan was to breastfed and we have been fortunate enough to do so. 

Q3) What was the best part about how you fed your child?  What was the worst?

Best- Knowing that I am able to nourish my daughter with just my milk and the cuddles.  Definitely the cuddles. 
Worst- It's not as easy as people like to think/say it is.  It's been hard, it's still hard some days.  Especially with teething, Ouch!

Q4) What myths about how you fed your child were the most hurtful?  What is your "truth" that counteracts those myths?

That I wouldn't be able to do it. That I may need to supplement.  The truth is, my body is enough, and for most moms theirs is too.  When formula is a necessity, it's important and amazing that it's there.  But for companies that push doctors and hospitals to promote formula and lies to moms hurts the amazing bond that they don't get to experience. 

Q5) What would help you (or would have helped you) to feel supported/understood in your choices?

To feel better understood, I think breastfeeding needs to become more socially accepted in America. Nursing in public needs to be the norm and it starts with women, no matter how they feed, accepting this as the norm. 

Q6)  Think ten, twenty years into the future.  If you could give your grown child one message about how you chose to feed him/her, what would it be?

I would tell my daughter the reasons I choose to do what I did and explain to her the importance of education and research when it comes to everything about birthing and parenthood. 

Q7) What can I do (what could I have done) to better support you in your feeding journey? 

To Alex & all my other momma friends that choose to formula feed or NEED to formula feed, know that when I post about breastfeeding or share pictures or stories, that I'm truly not trying to make it appear that what we do is better.  It's a choice I make every day for our family and the one I believe is best.  I'm not trying to shun you or make you feel guilty.  But breastfeeding is hard and every day I have to make a choice to deal with sore nipples or biting or some days just wanting MY body back, so I'm not trying to gloat, I'm reminding myself that this is what is best for OUR family.

This is a photo of Larisha (left) breastfeeding her daughter at a friends wedding

Do you breastfeed or formula feed? How was your experience been? Please share below & remember that we all support you! 

*Judgement and/or negativity will not be tolerated

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  1. AMEN to this post! With my first two children, I really wanted to breastfeed, but with no support, and not really much education about it, I was not successful for long (I eventually tried to pump and then bottle feed it to them, which is just not sustainable). With my third, however, I have been successful, but it is NOT all sunshine and roses all the time! Babies bite! Babies scratch and get distracted, and have a hard time when they have a stuffy nose.

    However a parent chooses to feed their least they ARE feeding their children! They are doing the best they can, and I think that other parents should accept and support them whenever possible.