Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, Love MCO

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Hello my lovely readers! I want to personally wish you all a very Happy Easter! Our Easter started on Friday when Grandma and Grandpa came into town! We were all so excited, especially Baby A! On Saturday we went to a big Easter Egg Hunt at a local farm and Baby A absolutely loved it! He knew exactly what to do thanks to me and Grandma setting up a mock Easter Egg Hunt in the toy room on Friday night. We were thankful that the farm allowed us to participate in the egg hunt without paying for Baby A, they were very understanding that A) He probably wouldn't completely know what to do anyway, and B) He isn't allowed to have candy! Baby A had lots of fun putting eggs into his basket and taking them out as I watched proudly snapping way to many pictures!

Later that night (Saturday) we were all so exhausted that Baby A went to bed at 6:00PM leaving the adults with lots of visiting time. Little L and I had some special mommy doggy bonding time and played tug of war with her favorite purple toy while Mrs. Bow Jangles passed out by the oversized chair. 

After dinner I walked back into the living room and discovered that the Easter Bunny had stopped by! Clever little bunny that one. She left an amazing basket full of coloring crayons, a coloring book, bucket and shovel, an extra big shovel, water shoes, socks, a fuzzy bunny, a Mickey Mouse watering can, and eggs filled with boxes of raisins, Hot Wheels, and more crayons. She was even thoughtful enough to leave mommy a chocolate bunny! 

When Baby A woke up he was a little confused as to why there were eggs on the floor and immediately picked them up and put them into his egg hunting basket, then he sat down in front of the basket that the Easter Bunny left for him and started tearing through it. Needless to say, it was a success

So far today we've celebrated Easter by making some deviled eggs, which were delish if I do say so myself, we set up Baby A's new pool and had lots of fun splashing in the water and making a big ol' muddy mess of the tarp, and we even went to the store to get some beautiful flowers to plant and some tasty strawberries!! Tonight we will go out to a Chinese Food dinner and hopefully get to be early! The Easter Bunny Mom is pretty dang tired today!

From my family to yours, Happy Easter!

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