Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alphadazzle Review & Giveaway

Lets be honest for a minute. Finding clothes after having a child is hard. Agree or disagree? I have a hard time finding clothes because I struggle with wanting it it be cute, but mom appropriate. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone by saying this, but it drives me nuts when I see moms out with their children and they have their big ol boobies hanging out of their shirts. In my opinion, it's just not appropriate! I am twenty two years old. Being twenty two I have the hard choice of shopping in the teen section where I really don't belong anymore but I still can sort of pull off...or I have to shop in the misses which I hate. I'm a mother, not a grandmother! So like I said, finding clothes after having a baby is hard. When I learned about the clothing company Alphadazzle I was immediately entranced. Not only did they have absolutely adorable shirts, but their shirts were educational as well! 

Alphadazzle features the alphabet (and some with shapes!) on comfortable tee's and long sleeves! The alphabet is in rhinestones giving your tee a fashionable and fun look while still being educational for your child. What I absolutely love about Alphadazzle is that with every shirt purchased they donate 10% to literacy programs including Reading is Fundamental! 

Lets talk about the tee shirt. Alphadazzle generously sent me the "Casey Long Sleeve" to review and when it arrived I feel in love. Seriously, I didn't think I could fall in love with a tee shirt but I did. I immediately took of the shirt I was wearing and tried it on. The fabric is super soft and I loved that it was a flowy long sleeve and not one that clings. It also hangs off of the shoulders and I adore shirts that do that! I chose a size medium which is typical for shirts that I wear, although if I could go back I would choose a large. These shirts run true to size which is fantastic, I just like my flowy shirts to be a little more flowy. I will say however, I have worn and washed this shirt about 5 times since I have owned it and it has not shrunk at all, and it does not get baggy after wearing it all day! 

I am usually not the biggest fan of red, but the rhinestones on this shirt are gorgeous! They are just the right shade and are not that "in your face" red that rhinestones so often have. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "those will just fall off in after a few washes"...well you're wrong my friend! I have washed this shirt about 5 times as I said above and I have not had a single issue! It is recommended with many shirts that you turn them inside out prior to wash to avoid beads/rhinestones, but to review this shirt properly I have not been turning it inside out. So far not a single rhinestone is out of place! I'm not sure what they use to adhere them on, but whatever it is it is fantastic.

My absolute favorite thing about this shirt is that I can teach Baby A the alphabet with it. Right now he is at the stage where he is pointing at everything and is very curious about what is what. For example, his favorite thing to do right now is poke me in the eyes, nose, and mouth while I tell him what he is touching. I knew this shirt would be fantastic for him. Being a typical sixteen month old I will admit that Baby A has his days where he could care less about this shirt, but on the days that he is paying attention to it he will literally sit in my lap for over five minutes and point to letters, scratch the rhinestones, and listen to me as I tell him which letter of the alphabet he is touching.

I highly recommend that you pick up an Alphadazzle shirt for yourself (and your little one), I think it is something that every mother should own especially when their little one is learning their letters! Why not look cute while teaching your little one? It's a win, win!

To Purchase: Check out Alphadazzle's Website!

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  1. Great Review! We're happy you and Baby A are enjoying the shirt. Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!

  2. Great review! These shirts are freakin awesome!

  3. ty for this review and giveaway they are super cute