Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kickin' It Off With Cloth!

I am excited to announce that the month of January I will be participating in the "Kickin' It Off With Cloth" hosted by Thrifty Nifty Mommy! There will be many members of the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network will also be participating which means that there will be more fun for you! January will feature helpful tips, tutorials, reviews and of course, giveaways, for all things cloth!

Some of the companies participating include:
  • Grovia AIO Diaper (Provided by Up On The Hill)
  • Bunnys Fluffy Bum
  • My Tajo's
  • Tender Tushies Review & Giveaway
  • Lusa Organics (Provided by Kissed by the Moon)
  • Loo-Hoo (Formerly Wooly Rounds) Wool Dryer Balls
  • Boogie Bear Creations
  • Pink Lemonade Shop (mama cloth)
  • Dropps Baby Laundry Drops
  • Mamajewel's Handmade Jems
  • Rockin Green Femme Rock
  • Softbums
  • EcoBubs Diaper
  • Woolzies Dryer Balls
  • Cozy Fluff Cloth Diapers
  • Crunchy Shop
  • Rump Arounds
  • Luv Earth Cloth Diapers
  • SMQ Organics
  • Wild Mountain Mommies
  • BumGenius Elemental (Provided by Dearest Diapers)
  • Smart Snugs
  • Ladybug on a Pug (Cloth Wipes)
  • Rock-a-Thigh Baby
  • Willow With Love
  • Ecobloomers
  • CrazyLeggies Wool Cover

The fun kicks off on January 1st, don't miss it!

*If you would like to feature your product/store during the "Kicking It Off With Cloth" event, send an email to me at!

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