Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our New Addition

Guys, I have to get something off of my chest. I've been keeping a secret. A semi big secret. A handful of days ago Mr. Hunky came to me and begged for a puppy. He's been wanting a German Shepard puppy since we started dating, and it has never been the right timing for us. It still isn't the right timing for us, but after my repeated "no's", I was somehow convinced to just go look at her. Ha. Ha. Jokes on me right? There's not just looking. Reluctantly, and just plain sick of hearing Mr. Hunky beg, I agreed. Bad idea. How can I say no to a puppy when it's right in front of me and licking my face?! Mr. Hunky gave me one final "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" before I sighed and gave him the "you aren't getting ANYTHING for Christmas or your birthday".

Little L joined our family Monday November 5th (because I am a push over) when she was exactly 3 months old. The first four days were rough, it was like having twins with an agenda, but we got through it! Little L is ridiculously smart, she is almost fully house broken just within the 10 days we've had her and she knows "sit".  She's getting better at "gentle" when she takes food from you but she still has some work to do on that one!

One of the biggest reasons that we got her is because Mrs. Bow Jangles has been depressed. Back home, she was always around other dogs because there were so many in my family! She constantly had someone to play with and she got use to that. When we moved, it was just us. Since we've brought Little L into our home, Mrs. Bow Jangles has been so much happier! Her tail is always wagging now and it brings a smile to my face to see her bouncing and prancing around the back yard again. 

Although puppies are a lot of work and money, they are well worth it. We are looking forward to watching Little L grow, she's going to be beautiful! Now you know why I've been so busy this last week and a half! Hehe.

 She does silly things like this, I guess she was hoping for more food but fell asleep in the process.

Sorry for Baby A's whining! Little L cracks me up

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