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Happy Family Baby Foods Review & Giveaway!

When you feed your little one, what do you feed them? Do you make your own food? Do you buy it at the store? Organic or non organic? How do you decide? With how many choices are on the market these days, it's nearly impossible to decide which will be the best option for you and your little one. I feel it's safe to assume that we all want the best for our babies, but how do you know if what you're giving them is really the best? With Happy Family and the many options of organic and natural foods available, you will never have to worry about if your little one is getting the best, you can feel confident that they are.
Happy Family is based out of New York and started in 2006 in hopes to give moms and dads everywhere a healthy alternative to jarred baby food. Happy Family has won a handful of awards including the 2012 Fast Company's Rockstar of the New Economy and the 2010 Parents' Choice Award. Happy Families has over 12 different product lines including HappyBaby pouches, HappyTot pouches, HappyMunchies, and many other tasty treats for little ones!

Happy Family so graciously sent me seven (7) full value coupons for me to go pick out some delicious foods for Baby A to try out and for me to review! After receiving the coupons in the mail I planned a trip to Target to go grab our goodies (our local Target and Safeway do not have Happy Families unfortunately), and I ended up staring at all of the Happy Family choices for a good 10 minutes. I just could not decide what to try!!! I ended up going home with four HappyTot Plus pouches and three HappyMunchies Rice Cakes for the little man to snack on.

 I chose to get Baby A two Blueberry, Apple & Purple Carrot, and two Kale, Apple & Mango, food pouches. These pouches for him to try out because in the past he has been a fan of pouches with blueberries, apples, and mangos. As I anticipated, he sucked them dry in a matter of seconds.

Baby A Approves of HappyTot Plus Pouches!

 My absolute favorite thing about baby food pouches is that your little one can feed themselves (if they're old enough of course). They're small enough where it is easy for your little one to hold on to, yet has enough food to fill up little tummies (unless you're Baby A in which case you may eat two). HappyTot Plus pouches not only taste good, but they're packed full of vitamins such as Omega 3's, Calcium, and Magnesium. They have only 1 gram of fat and 60 calories per pouch and are relatively low in sodium and sugar. They also blend both fruits and vegetables together so you can feel great about your little one snacking on these throughout the day!

Nutrition Facts for Blueberry, Apple & Purple Carrot

Nutrition Facts for Kale, Apple & Mango

For some tasty snacks, I decided to get the HappyMunchies rice cakes since Baby A is a huge advocate for crackers, I figured he would enjoy these. I decided to grab Baby A two bags of the Apple Rice Cakes and one bag of the Carrot.

I loved that they were made out of brown rice and that they were only sweetened and colored from the natural fruit and vegetable juices used in the rice cake. There are only 20 calories per 3 rice cakes and there is essentially no sugar, no sodium, and no fat. This is the perfect snack for little ones who just want to snack! These little rice cakes also contain no gluten or wheat so you won't have to worry about your little one having an allergy if they are sensitive!

Nutrition Facts for the Carrot Rice Cakes

Nutrition Facts for the Apple Rice Cakes

The rice cakes are the perfect size for little fingers to hold onto and they dissolve quickly in the mouth so that your baby should not choke on the pieces. Although the rice cakes are naturally sweetened, I was still surprised to find that the Apple ones were a little sour! I  personally did not care for them, but Baby A couldn't get enough of them. My only warning to those who are letting their little ones snack on these is that they will have sticky hands after! Have a wipe handy!

Baby A is a Fan!

Overall I was very happy with my experience (and Baby A's experience!) with Happy Family Baby Food products! I felt confident that he was eating food that was healthy for him rather than other competitive brands that are packed full of sugars and are high in sodium. With the rice cakes the only thing that I wasn't 100% happy with is how sticky Baby A's hands got, but he absolutely loved them so I am willing to overlook the stickiness and keep buying them for his enjoyment! I would recommend Happy Family to any parent who is on the go and wants their baby to be having foods that are packed full of the healthy ingredients that they need.

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Happy Family however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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