Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bebe Au Lait Code Word

Bebe Au Lait Giveaway
 Code Word!

Please choose the appropriate code word according to the date you are entering the giveaway. You may come back daily to grab a new word and claim more points!
2/28. Baby Fever
3/1. Pregnancy
3/2.  Baby Shower
3/3. Child Birth
3/4. Instant Love
3/5. Newborn
3/6. Happiness
3/7. Infant
3/8. First Milestones
3/9.  Laughter
3/10. Toddler
3/11. Walking
3/12. Discovery
3/13. Family
3/14. Baby Love
Thanks for entering Mommys Craft Obsession's Bebe Au Lait Throw Blanket Giveaway!

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