Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Ugly Face of the Yeast Monster

Remember how I told you that Baby A gets horrible yeast diaper rashes? Well, it's shown it's ugly face again! This time, it's so ugly that I've had to take Baby A out of cloth completely and switch him to disposables for the time being. Since making that switch, his bum is looking a lot better. So how do I kill this yeast monster? I thought I had things under control for a while because I had stripped my diapers and he hadn't gotten the rash. Well, I was wrong. After doing hours of research last night I came to find out that stripping the diapers does in fact get rid of the yeast (at least I was doing part of it right), but it does not kill the yeast spores which is why the rash keeps coming back!

After running all over town this morning I grabbed the two ingredients that various blogs and websites have lead me to believe work, Tea Tree Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract. So here we go!

According to Nappy Shoppe I must follow these steps to rid the diapers of yeast...

"1. Wash your diapers. Use a detergent that’s recommended for cloth diapers and the hottest cycle your washing machine allows. A sanitary cycle is best.
2. Strip your diapers. Do this by washing them again on the hottest cycle possible, but with no detergent added. Then run at least three rinse cycles with as much water as possible, using the hottest water your machine allows.
3. Use four drops of tea tree oil in place of detergent, and run one wash cycle with cold water. Rinse with as much water as possible.
4. Use four drops of grapefruit seed extract in place of detergent, and run one wash cycle with cold water, rinsing with as much water as possible.
5. Use oxygen cleaner in place of detergent, and run one hot wash cycle with the highest water level possible.
6. Strip your diapers a final time, using at least three rinses with the hottest water possible. Add white vinegar to the first rinse; use plain water for the second and third rinses.
7. Dry on high heat or hang to dry in full sun."

Envious of my day yet? So far, we are on step 1. I turned up my water heater to the highest setting possible and put every single cloth diaper, insert, and cover we own into the washer. I plan on air drying the diapers on our drying rack in the back yard and I am waiting patiently for the shade to go away. I'm sure it will by the time we are onto step 7, clearly this will take a few hours. 

I will update you on the status of the cloth diapers when I have finished with them. We have a call into Baby A's pedi right now as to what I can give him food wise that will help clear up a yeast rash or if she thinks I should get an oral prescription since topical isn't helping to much. Until then, Baby A will be enjoying lots of yogurt!

Wish us luck....

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