Monday, October 8, 2012

The Fresh Squeezed System by Infantino: A Product Review

When I first caught wind that Infantino was introducing a way to package your homemade baby food, I was over the moon. Baby A absolutely adores his baby food pouches, he eats them as snacks or as side dishes for meals since little Mr. Picky won't eat steamed vegetables. Downside to the pre-made pouches is that they are pretty pricey and of course, they're not homemade. I was very diligent about making the food Baby A would eat up until the day we moved, after which I became a little lazy (hey, I'm a human, and I'm a mom, don't judge) and that's when he started eating baby food pouches such as Plum Organics and Happy Baby. You can imagine my excitement when I heard about Infantino's Fresh Squeeze System, my first thought was "motivation" and my second was "money saver".

I heard about a Test & Tell Infantino was hosting on their Facebook, I knew that I had to win. Infantino asked parents with little ones between the ages of 1-3 to post on their Facebook their idea for a fun "Fresh Squeeze Party" and that the fans would vote for their favorites. I submitted a post that I would hold a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Themed Party and create fresh fruits and veggies from our Bountiful Basket into tasty treats for the little ones! Infantino chose twenty winners, and I was amongst those twenty!

I hosted my Fresh Squeeze Party over the weekend- we had four mousketeers and three mommy's (including myself and Baby A)! We put our Mickey ears on and started puree-ing! Thankfully, I had saved the decorations from Baby A's birthday party so I got to recycle them for the decor for the puree party!

Although we got a pretty good haul from our Bountiful Basket, I found myself needing to go to the store for a slightly different variety of foods. Baby A aka Mr. Picky is particular about what he likes and dislikes, so for us, I went to get a special little stash of extras. The Bountiful Basket worked out great for the other moms though! Their little mousketeers aren't as picky!

Baby A was super excited for his party guests to arrive although he wasn't really diggin' the Mickey ears. We quickly began a pattern...Mommy puts ears on...Baby takes ears off!

Okay guys, lets talk about the Infantino Fresh Squeezed Line. Infantino was gracious enough to send me multiple products to test out for them, I received the Squeeze Station, the Mighty Mill, the Peppy Puree, the Steam and Smush, a Reusable Squeeze Pouch, a Couple of Spoons, and a box of 50 Squeeze Pouches. I could hardly contain my excitement as I checked everything out, I swear Mr. Hunky thought I had gone off the deep end.

Here's Everything Infantino Sent Me, Packaged Perfectly!

Everything Taken Out of Their Boxes (with exception of the box of 50 pouches)
Infantino's Peppy Puree:
When I first took the Peppy Puree out of it's box, my first thought was that it looked like my mini food processor! Knowing that that cheap little processor worked good, I was excited to see how the Peppy Puree would compare. I was  pleased to see that it worked great! I started with pureeing banana's and it made the banana's nice and creamy! When I pureed blueberries, unfortunately it did not blend them as smoothly as I would have liked, but then again, I have yet to find a processor or blender that will. I liked that it blended cooked oatmeal, banana, and vanilla yogurt into an extremely creamy consistency that made it very easy for Baby A to suck down. My biggest con to the Peppy Puree is that it makes extremely small batches. I was only able to fill two squeeze pouches with a batch made in the Peppy Puree. If it was a larger version of itself, it would be perfect. For the party we ended up using a combination of the Peppy Puree, my Baby Bullet and my Ninja Blender.

Infantino's Mighty Mill:

What can I say about the Mighty Mill? Well, I wasn't exactly a fan of it. The whole point of the Mighty Mill is for you to be able to take it with you for travel and still be able to make a batch of baby food quickly and easily, but unfortunately unlike other products from this line, I wasn't impressed and it wasn't long before I moved onto another product to test out. The biggest con for me is that it seemed like it took a lot of effort when the Peppy Puree could do the same job a lot faster. One of the other moms at our Squeeze Party agreed with me while another mom disagreed and really liked it. She said she could see herself using this if they were on the road and needed to mash up a small and quick batch of food.

Infantino's Steam & Smush:

The Steam & Smush was the product in this line that I was very quick to judge, but nevertheless I gave it a chance and turns out, I love it! There are two parts to this product- the steam, and the smush! Now for me, my favorite part was the steam. It worked great for making small batches of steamed whatever fruit or veggie you want and I thought it was a great way to be able to make multiple things to put into one batch. Fruits and Veggies steamed quickly in my microwave making it easy for me to continue the process of baby food making without having to stop for long periods of time in between. For the Squeeze Party, since we were making larger batches I had to pull out my double decker steamer to help move through the process. The smush part of the Steam & Smush was decent....I didn't love it, and honestly I probably won't end up using it again. It smushed, but I felt like it took a lot of effort to get my fruit (I smushed banana's first, then strawberries) to a consistency that I liked. Again, I feel like the Peppy Puree could get the job done a lot faster. None of us mommy's really used the smush part of the Steam & Smush at the party....I let the other mommas check it out but they weren't to excited. The bowl part of the Steam & Smush is my favorite feature. It is absolutely perfect for pouring your puree into the Squeeze Station and the handle on it fits perfectly in your grasp which helps prevent any mishaps while pouring. My biggest con on the Steam & Smush is the "Smush" part of it, it wasn't super helpful and it added more work to an otherwise simple process.

Infantino's Resuable Squeeze Pouch:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the reusable squeeze pouch! Seriously, words cannot describe how much I love this product. For the longest time I've been dying to find a reusable squeeze pouch that was affordable and that would be similar to what Baby A was use to. Well Ladies and Gents (although I can almost guarantee it's just Ladies reading this), this is an MCO Highly Recommended Product. If your goal with the squeeze system is to save money, you need to invest in a few of the Reusable Squeeze Pouches while you're at it. They're easy to fill, easy to clean, and for your little ones, they're easy to eat out of! Baby A absolutely loves his! In my book, there are no cons on this product!

Infantino's Couple of Spoons:

I wasn't able to fully review the Couple of Spoons as I would have liked to because Baby A is so accustomed to self feeding that when I came near him with the spoon and pouch combo, he wanted to grab it and do it himself. Since he doesn't know how to feed himself properly with a spoon I ended up having to detach the spoon from the pouch for him to slurp down *Insert Whining Here*. Instead, I decided to compare spoons that we had from our Plum Organic pouches to see how they differed. The Infantino Couple of Spoons are wider and rounder than the alternate brand spoons which I know in some cases is great for some kids! The alternate brand of spoons fits on the squeeze pouches however they do not fit as well as the Infantino Couple of Spoons do. I will have to write up another review at a later time when I have a smaller baby who can properly use these spoons! Until then, I would recommend these to anyone who has a little one who they still are able to spoon feed!

 Infantino's Couple of Spoons (Orange) VS. Plum Organics Spoons (Green)

Infantino's Squeeze Station:

Now for the main event! Infantino's Squeeze Station. By far my favorite product of the line, the Squeeze Station allows mommy's to package their own baby food in a convenient squeeze pouch that their little one can enjoy at home or on the go! This product, is pure genius! It's extremely easy to use, it's easy to clean, and it makes the process of storing your little ones food much easier. Seriously, all you do is pour your baby food into the tube, and use the little lever to push the baby food into the pouch. My question- why didn't I think of this first!!!?? Thank you Infantino. The Squeeze Station was such a hit for me personally, and at my party, that when my guests went home I left everything out, whipped up another batch of baby food and made MCO's first video guide of the Squeeze Station! Now, go easy on me, and don't giggle to much when you watch the video's! The only thing I didn't like about the squeeze station is that when you're pushing the food into the pouch it does trap a large air bubble and when you take the lever out some of the food gets pushed back into the tube. To get all of the food into the pouch you need to push it down a few times, and even then not all of the baby food ends up in the pouch. Aside from that this product is awesome!

 Video 1- Preparing the Squeeze Station
 Video 2- Filling Your Pouches

Video 3- The Finished Product

 Overall: I am a huge fan of Infantino's Fresh Squeeze Line and I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who is adamant about making their own baby food. The Fresh Squeeze line makes it easy for moms to make, package, and store baby food and in turn the style of the pouch makes it easy for little ones to feed themselves or for alternate care providers to feed your baby! The system did have a few kinks along the way but overall they wouldn't detour me from purchasing this system. Personally, if I did have to go to the store and buy the Fresh Squeeze Line I would purchase the Squeeze System, the Reusable Squeeze Pouch, and the box of 50 Pouches. For someone who doesn't have a food pureer I would absolutely recommend the Peppy Puree.

Click HERE to be redirected to Babies R Us to get your own Fresh Squeeze Line now!

Other Odds & Ends:


Your Fresh Squeezed baby food will last up to two days (48 hours) in the fridge and up to two months in the freezer!


Peppy Puree: $19.99

Mighty Mill: $12.99

Steam & Smush: $12.99

Reusable Squeeze Pouch: Not Yet Available

Couple of Spoons: $3.99

Squeeze Station: $24.99

50 Pack of Squeeze Pouches: $16.99

Also Available in the Squeeze Line:

Steam & Smush  Microwave Steam Times:

Apples: 4 1/2 Min
(1 Whole)

Carrots: 6 1/2 Min
(10 Baby Carrots) 

Strawberries: 2 Min
(5 Frozen)

Pear: 6 Min
(1 Whole)

Spinach: 4 Min
(1/2 Cup Frozen)

Broccoli: 5 1/2 Min
(1/2 Cup Frozen)

What We Made:


1 Whole Banana
1/3 Cup Blueberries
1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal

Blend all three ingredients together in the Peppy Puree (you will need to split the batch in half for it to fit completely).


1 Whole Banana
1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal
1 Cup of Organic Vanilla Yogurt

Blend all three ingredients together in the Peppy Puree.


10 Baby Carrots
1 Whole Apple Cored and Peeled
5 Strawberries
1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal

Use the Steam & Smush to steam your carrots, apples, and strawberries (if they're frozen). Blend in the Peppy Puree (you will need to split into smaller batches to fit completely).


1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal
1 Cup Organic Vanilla Yogurt
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

Blend in the Peppy Puree until smooth.


1/2 Cup Spinach
1/2 Cup Broccoli
1 Pear Peeled and Sliced
1 Cup Oatmeal

Use the Steam & Smush to steam the spinach, broccoli, and pear. Blend in the Peppy Puree until smooth.

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have received the Fresh Squeezed Collection from Infantino to facilitate my review and have not been compensated monetarily. All Plum Organics items shown in this review I personally purchased prior to this review.


  1. Great Review! I've dying for the product and stalking my babies r us for it!! Thanks for the recipes too!! :) Can't wait to get my own!!

    1. Thank you JenBenLola!

      I really enjoy this product and recommend it to anyone who wants to make and package their little ones food! I've been using it a lot for other things as well such as yogurt and applesauce when I'm in a hurry and cannot make Baby A's food! And not to mention since we've been using it we've saved a LOT of money! It's wonderful!!

      Stay tuned for more product reviews & giveaways at

  2. so, this may be a stupid question, and I stumbled on your blog looking for an answer, but how do you steam the food? there are no instructions in the box (which I find ridiculous). Do you just chop it up and put the lid on and cook? how long? do you add liquid? seriously, a little guidance from infantino would have been nice...

    1. Not a stupid question at all! You're right, it would have been nice to have a little direction. What you do (or at least what I did) was fill the steam and smush about halfway with water, placed the purple colander looking thing over the top of the water, placed the fruit or veggies on top of the colander, and put the lid on.

      If you scroll up just a bit I posted some microwave steam times! =] Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions

  3. Are these recipes OK for the freezer?

  4. Do you have to buy all the products or can you steam and puree the food yourself? How long do pouches last in fridge/freezer?

    1. Everything is purchased seperately so you can buy what will be convenient for you! The pouches last approximately 2 days in the refrigerator and 2 months in the freezer! You cannot microwave the pouches though so make sure you let them thaw! :)

  5. Its a great product and the best bit about it is you actually know whats going in the food unlike store bought baby food.

  6. I just bought the squeeze station and it's awesome! It's so hard to get the little one to eat from a spoon because we have to chase after him. With the squeeze tubes, he sucks it up so fast and is done in minutes. I can't wait til the reuseable one comes out, I like to reuse and recycle.

  7. Thanks for the review! I just found a Squeeze Station on clearance at a local chain store...score! I am, however, wondering if you have tried any of the other reusable pouch brands with the Infantino system?

    1. To be honest I haven't! I'm not sure if any others would work though because of the way that the Squeeze Station is designed! I would say if you already have it and got a good deal on it though that it's worth a try! Good Luck!

  8. I have been eyeing this at the store. I want to make my daughter her own food when she's old enough to eat it :) Thanks for the review!

  9. Do you know why you cannot reuse the 50 pack of squeeze pouches? I registered for these because the item description on says they are "...portable, affordable and reusable." However, when I opened my box of pouches, I realized that it says "single use" and "do not reuse." Guess I should have read the box in the store rather than the description online!

    1. My guess would be because they would be difficult to thoroughly clean.

  10. When I first read this I was really thwarted but the more I wonder about it the more I’m persuaded of this.

  11. Thanks for the information! I just got a squeeze station and am getting ready to make baby food for the first time. I do however, have a question. Do you wash the pouches and lids before using or are the good to go right out of the package? I couldn't find anything anywhere as to if they are sterilized before packaging. Thank you!

  12. I really like this system for making your own baby food. I was also surprised about the one-time use because I have read that these were reusable as well...