Friday, October 5, 2012

Creating Peace in an Otherwise Ugly Backyard

Mr. Hunky and I rent out house so we haven't put to much effort into sprucing the place up. Of course we have some nice home decor but we haven't taken as much time and spent as much money on our house as we plan to do when we buy. Our backyard is hideous. I mean seriously, there's nothing except a tree, our barbecue and a couple of chairs. I was sick of looking at an ugly back yard so I decided to do something about it. I went to Walmart (that's about all we have in our small town) and got some supplies to make the backyard a little more peaceful. My goal was to have someplace that I would want go to read or hang out. For under $20 I was able to add a little more comfort to my backyard. If you have an ugly and boring backyard follow my 5 easy steps to make your backyard more serene.

1. A hanging bird feeder and bird seed. Hang the feeder from your porch awning or a nearby tree. Seeing birds in your yard chirping happily will put a smile on your face.

2. But some plants, terra cotta pots, and some soil. I chose Gerbera Daisies and another pretty flower who's name escapes me. It adds some pretty color to your backyard and will help turn it from eye sore to eye adore.

3. Get some solar lights. They add a little cuteness to your backyard during the day and at night they add some extra light so you can sit out on your porch and enjoy. I picked up 4 solar lights for under a dollar each.

4. Put your porch chairs and BBQ in a "Welcoming" arrangement, something that feels comfortable to you and is appealing for when guests look into your yard.

5. Keep your porch swept clean. I personally like to go sit barefoot but you can't walk on your porch if it's a filthy mess!! Take 5 minutes every other day to sweep it clean. I promise it'll make the difference.

I hope that helps you create a backyard that is more comforting for you. Of course, my back yard is no where near as extravagant or serene as some backyards in this world but if you are like us who rent (and don't want to put to much effort into a  house you will be moving from eventually) and/or are on a budget, making little changes really helps into making you feel more peaceful!

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