Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tis MCOs Favorite Season!

It is officially my favorite season(s). Air is getting crisp (well, maybe not here but in some places it is), candles are burning, hot coffee is being drank and blankets are being snuggled. I love the fall and winter seasons. So many good things happen in the "cold seasons" as I refer to them, holidays, cozy days/nights, Starbucks red cups. How could you go wrong? Salted Carmel Mochas, Peppermint White Mochas and Caramel Brûlée Lattes are my drug of choice around this time of year and I turn back into my Starbucksaholic self. Tis the season to be shopping also. Early Christmas shopping, Black Friday Sales and after the holiday clearance racks are my calling.

This is the second year that I am blessed to be spending my favorite time of year with my favorite little man. Baby A was a very tiny infant around this time, which made me love the season even more than I already did. This year will be a little difficult for me, since we have started our new journey, I most likely won't be spending this years holidays in California with my family. The only way to live life is with a positive attitude, so I am excited to be started our own new traditions, just the three of us.

There is so much to get excited about this time of year! Fall decor, Halloween costumes and decorations, turkey, yams, Christmas lights & everything else that comes along! I am like a little kid in the candy store for the holidays and I am pleased to say that I can't wait to test out my holiday cooking skills!

Let's start with Halloween since it is our first holiday. What are you dressing up as? How about your kids? Do you dress up as a theme with your family or friends? I've always wanted to do that but never had. I've been brainstorming what to dress Baby A up as but I can't decide! Theres a Woody costume on the Disney store that I'm loving but since we haven't decided if we are passing out candy or trick or treating, I haven't made the plunge to buy the costume!! Any ideas for me?

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  1. I'm going to attempt sewing and do a family costume, I want to do the Flintstones! Fred, Wilma and Pebbles! HAHA But Brendan wants to be a cowboy, me an indian and Cabela a horse... I don't know yet though.

    1. Lol!!!! Love the Flinestones idea!!!! How the heck would you make a horse costume?!?