Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY Mickey Mouse Decorations

Hey there Folks! Mickey Mouse here! Okay, not really, but it is MCO! Earlier today I gave you a preview of everything that I did for Baby A's Mickey Mouse Birthday and as admired earlier, it was a ton of work. But it was also a lot of fun and I would recommend making your decorations over buying. It may be more time consuming but it is such a great feeling to know that you worked our butt off for your baby!

The Basics:

1. Purchase card stock in red, black, and yellow. You will be using a LOT of card stock for these projects.

2. Download a Disney font onto your computer. I used Waltograph from Dafont, but be careful because a lot of the font websites carry viruses. I have used Dafont before and I know people that use it frequently and so far no problems. However, use at our own risk.

3. Use your word processor and type up whatever Mickey catch phrases you would like to see around your home. I used "Meeska, Mouska, Mickey Mouse", "Oh Toodles", and "We've got ears! Say Cheers!". For the banner I used "Happy Birthday Aiden" and I also made a sign for my door so I typed up "Welcome to the Party Folks" to make people feel welcome and excited to enter Baby A's Mickey Mouse party!

4. Print your phrases and set aside for later use.

The Shapes:

1. Refer to my DIY Mickey Mouse Invitations posting for instructions on how to create the Mickey shapes. Once you have your template, cut the desired amount of Mickeys out of your black Card stock.

2. Using a ruler create a triangle shape out of printer paper as a template for your banners' flags and your Mickey head backgrounds.

The Banner:

1. Count up how many letters will be on your banner and add an additional five. This will be how many flags (triangles) you will need. For example, "Happy Birthday Aiden" is 18 letters, you will want one flag for Mickey prior to the H in happy and after the Y in birthday, plus a space between Happy and Birthday. For the second banner (the name) you will want one flag for Mickey on either side of their name.

2. Alternate the cutting flags between red, black, and yellow card stock.

3. Cut out the letters for the phrase you will be using on the banner, getting as close to or cutting the letter out completely as possible.

4. Lay your flags out on the floor (I used my living room since it had the most space) alternating the colors of the flags.

5. Using a ballpoint pen, poke holes in the top corners of the flags so that you can string ribbon through them. I say use a pen rather than a hole punch because the hole is smaller and the flags won't move around.

6. Using ribbon (I used curling ribbon, you can use regular ribbon, string, or yarn) string it through the holes until all of the flags are being held together.

7. Use glue to adhere the letters and the Mickeys to the flags!

8. Hang on the wall for the party!

The Decorations:

1. Cut the phrases either as close to the word as you could like or by cutting the letters out.

2. Attach Mickey heads to triangles in colors of your choice

3. Using scotch tape, attach the phrases and the Mickey shapes to the wall in desired places.

The Door Sign:

1. Cut your door phrase into a perfect square.

2. Using a full page of card stock (in your desired color) attach the phrase onto the card stock using a glue that drys clear.

3. Attach your Mickey.

4. Hang on the door and enjoy!

I hope all of these DIY's made sense!! Feel free to ask any questions that you may have in the comments below and I will answer them as quickly as possible. Stay tuned for DIY Party Foods this weekend!


  1. Those are adorable decorations! I need a theme for my son's 5th birthday! Your ideas may help!

  2. so cute.....ill be using these ideas for my daughters second birthday

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  3. Do you know of a safe website to download the disney font?