Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hamburger Soup

While browsing Pinterest a few days ago I came across a recipe for Hamburger Soup. It sounds sort of strange but I was intrigued so I took a look at the recipe and decided to try it out. This was not a crock pot recipe but I decided to turn it into one since I am lazy and it sounded like to many steps to take to make a soup! If you'd like to follow the actual website you can find it at Adventures Of a Betty Crocker Wannabe. If you'd like to follow my lazy crock pot version of it, please read on!

What You Need:

1 package of Hamburger (I apologize I didn't look at the weight, just judge by how much meat you want in it!)
1/2 Red Onion
Garlic (you be the judge)
2 Cans of Low Sodium Beef Broth
1 Can of Tomato Soup
1- 1 1/2 Cups of Frozen Corn
1 Cup of Water
Pasta! You can choose shells, wheels, bow ties,it doesn't matter!
Salt & Pepper to Taste
A Dash of Olive Oil

What You Need To Do:

Combine beef broth, tomato soup, corn and olive oil in your crock pot. Chop your red onion and mince your garlic then throw it into the crock pot! Cook on high for 4 hours. Around the 2nd hour, cook your ground beef in a skillet with olive oil. Once cooked, drain the liquid and pour the ground beef into the crock pot. Around the 3rd hour add your pasta and a cup of water! Once the pasta is cooked turn your crock pot down to low and serve when hungry!

As you can see, my recipe is a little more relaxed than the one at Adventures of a Betty Crocker Wannabe. I also added a few more things than her recipe called for but the soup turned or AMAZING and got five stars from both Baby A and Mr. Hunky!


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