Friday, August 24, 2012

Finding a Doctor in a New City

I'm quickly learning that good doctors are a hard thing to come by. We moved at the end of May and I'm still trying to find a doctor for Baby A who I actually like. The first doctor that I found for him was nice, but I just wasn't sure if I really agreed with her "doctor style". Not to mention I waited almost an hour after Baby A's appointment time to be seen. Regardless, I left the appointment dissapointed. The next doctor I took Baby A to was horrendeous. And when I say horrendeous, I mean it. This doctor came in, was very unfriendly and basically looked at me and talked to me like I was stupid. He checked Baby A's ears (which was the purpose of the appointment) then proceeded to give him a little checkup- lungs, heart, diaper, etc. I was all going decent until the doctor opened up Baby A's diaper. He felt it, looked at me and said "Why is this so thick? What is this?". Are you F**king kidding me!? How can you be a doctor and not know what a cloth diaper is?????????? When it was time to put the diaper back on (it was a snap diaper) he looked at it, looked at me and said "I'll let you do it"). Really? Snaps on a diaper is to complex?? That idiot made the first doctor look like a superstar. I left that appointment livid. Needless to say, I won't be going back to that doctor.

Today I had an appointment a doctor for myself to discuss my perscriptions and transfering them to their office so that my doctor back home doesn't have to deal with my monthly refills anymore. I really enjoyed this doctor which was surprising because I am the pickiest person ever when it comes to who examines me. When the appointment was over she recommended another doctor for Baby A who she says is absolutely amazing and that she brings her kids to! FANTASTIC! My excitement died when I got home, called to make an appointment for Baby A's one year check up and they told me that she was booked until Halloween. HALLOWEEN. As in, October 31st. What the F**K!? Finding a doctor is like finding gold in this city apparently.

Here are my 3 recommendations on finding a good doctor.

1. Don't settle. If you don't like the doctor, if you get red flags, or if you just didn't connect with them- keep looking. This is your health and the health of your family that we're talking about.

2. Ask for recommendations. Ask your neighbor, ask the cashier at the grocery store, ask co-workers. The more names you get of recommendations, the more doctors you can try out to find one you enjoy!

3. Don't be afraid to not go back. Seriously, the doctor isn't even going to remember your name once you walk out of their exam room, so don't get a guilty conscience and feel bad about not going back to them. Get over it, get a doctor you like instead.

I'm following my own advice, but honestly, I'm getting very frusterated at this whole situation. I had the best doctor in the universe back at home. Baby A's doctor, was my doctor, and my moms doctor prior to that. He knows my entire family and was even there the next morning after Baby A was born to meet him. It breaks my heart knowing that we will never find a doctor out here who is as good as he is but I am determined to find one that I can connect with and relate to. Having Baby A in the best hands possible is the priority. If you're on the look for a doctor in your area just remember to follow my three recommendations and eventually you will find someone who you love! Until then, you'll be on the hunt like I am!

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