Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Caution: Emotions Running Wild

Tonight, I am an absolute emotional train wreck. Does anyone just have those hormonal episodes when you just cry?! Ever since being pregnant with Baby A, and especially after giving birth, I have been ridiculously sensitive about anything having to do with babies or weddings. I'm not joking. Tonight I cried over the Melissa and Joey summer finale (there was a wedding), I cried at the Baby Daddy summer finale (again a wedding), THEN I bawled all through the finale of Teen Mom, especially the last five minutes (for those of you who watch Trash Moms....oh I mean Teen'll know what I'm saying! On a commercial break I checked Facebook and a friend posted the most heart wrenching news store and photo album of a newborn who was born with a rare skin disease called EB. Basically, any sort of touch (whether it be skin to skin, skin to fabric, etc) would blister his skin. It is said to be one of the most painful diseases. My heart shattered into a million pieces as I went on to read the article. It made me even more grateful than I ready am/was to have such an amazing, happy, and healthy son and how truly blessed I am.

In my opinion, moments like tonight (overly emotional, crazy, hormonal mommy nights as I refer to them) are important to have. Even if you're not a mom, nights where everything makes you cry are something you should appreciate and cherish. I'm probably sounding batty aren't I? Seriously though, after a good cry (as long as it isn't related to pain, heartbreak or grievance) always makes you step outside your body and look back into your life and really appreciate what you have going. Am I wrong? I remember nights in college where I was so past the point of breaking I would just cry for a while and feel so much better after. Crying sheds your tension, your stress, your anger, your sadness and it really makes you appreciate what is right there in front of you.

So whether it's weddings or babies, love stories or horror films, whatever gives you that really good cry...take advantage of it, just for a night. I promise you'll feel so much better afterward.


  1. Look up Tripp and EB. He actually passed a couple Months ago but that's how I've known about it for a long time. His mom Courtney is such a hero. She has a great blog.

  2. I cried all though the last episode of Teen Mom!

  3. I always watch Greys Anatomy when I feel I need a "good cry". :)