Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Baby Shopping Scores!

It's been a while since I've shared shopping scores with you! In all actuality, I haven't been doing to much shopping but yesterday I hit up Walmart (yes, I go there a lot- unfortunately it is the closest big store to me). I wanted to start preparing for Baby A's birthday party a little bit at a time so that when it was closer to the date, I don't have a melt down!! So I went to Walmart in search of plates, napkins, cups, and a table cloth in a color scheme that would compliment Baby A's Mickey mouse themed birthday! I was thrilled to see that they actually had Mickey Mouse party essentials!!!!! For his birthday we are planning on having appetizers and cake (cupcakes)- everything being finger foods so no utensils necessary! For less than $17 I got two sets of Mickey cupcake plates, two sets of Mickey cups, a set of red appetizer plates, a red table cloth, cupcake holders (they were perfect! Red, yellow and blue!), a "1" candle for Baby A's cupcake, and a set of invitations for Baby A's "Kid Party". It was a complete score! The only thing left for me to get (decoration wise) is balloons! I was stoked!! Next, I wandered over to the baby section and came across two piece Disney pajamas on sale for $4 each!! I grabbed four sets- one Mickey, one Cars, one Buzz, and one Elmo (okay not Disney but who doesn't love Elmo!). So for under $40 I was able to get almost everything I need for Baby A's first birthday AND four new sets of sleepers for him! Although I'm not Wlamarts biggest fan, I have been catching myself being pretty lucky on my last few excursions! If you're in need of any sleepware for your little one, head on over to Walmart!

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