Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Recipe

Is amazeballs. Yes. I said amazeballs.

I was inspired to bake by a fellow blogger today so I searched for a new recipe and I found this. I tried it and I died. Is SO good. Here is a screen shot. Thank you!


  1. i'm more jealous about your 3g/wireless iPad. mine is only wireless :(

    1. Here's a story for ya.... I had the wireless only and loved it! When we found out Mr. hunky was getting a new job and that we would be living at a place that couldn't have wireless I had (yes HAD lol) to go out and get the one with 3G. So at 9pm last thanksgiving I left a then 2 month old Baby A with Mr. Hunky and dragged my two girlfriends out to wait in the freezing cold in line for target to open! I wanted to get it then because if you bought an iPad, target gave you a $75 gift card! That was absolutely NUTS. It was so busy there. But worth it! Now that we've moved and have wireless I don't use the 3G but it is a good option to have if traveling. Do you have the iPad 1 or 2?

    2. i have the new iPad and LOVE it. i had the old and sold it for the new so we could have FaceTime that wasn't on my laptop or iPhone.