Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Grandpa

My grandpa has always been one of my favorite people in my life. He is one of the most caring, loving, generous, trusting men I have met thus far. My grandpa has not had it easy in his life yet he is so happy and thankful for every day. He ran his own business and worked side by side with his wife daily. About ten years ago my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She was 55 when she got it. When it started progressing my grandpa sold his business and "retired" to become her caregiver. For the last ten years he has spent every day with her, caring for her and loving her unconditionally. Has it been challenging? Obviously. Does he give up? Absolutely not. Why? Because when you love someone, you sacrifice. I lived with my grandpa for six months while Mr. Hunky was away and to help care for my grandma. Although co-caregiving for my grandma was a challenge, I had a blast with my grandpa. We fell into our little routine in which I swear I aged 40 years. Every morning we would have coffee and watch the morning news and Rachel Ray. We would make breakfast and again sit down for The Price is Right. During the day we would go about our daily lives, reuniting in the evenings for dinner around 5:30 and then enjoying our evening shows which primarily consisted of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, The Big Bang Theory, The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars and other prime time shows. Since moving, I think the person I've missed the most is my grandpa. Of course I miss my parents, siblings, cousins and friends, but I really miss my grandpa. I talked to him today and he told me what he was up to. I smiled since it was the same old thing he's been up to for years. I am so proud to have such an amazing grandpa.


  1. Beautiful. You're blessed to have him!

  2. grandpas are beautiful blessings from God... you ARE blessed to have such an amazing, good role model in your life! :)