Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mommy Things

I'm SO SO SO SO excited today. I'm mostly excited because I FINALLY purchased a new stroller!! After months of wanting one, weeks of researching and hunting I finally settled on a stroller I wanted, liked and could afford. Today I pulled the trigger and purchased a brand new Maxi Cosi Foray. This bad boy is AMAZING! As soon as it arrives, I'm putting it together and taking some pics for you guys to check it out!!!

Another reason why I'm stoked today is because I am finally back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!!!! I've been sitting on 6 pairs of designer jeans and I can finally fit back into four pairs! My true religions, joes and two pairs of Sevens finally fit again!

Lastly, I am excited because Mr. Hunky is home early! :) good day!!!

A little birdie told me to stay tuned for tomorrow... there may just be something fun headed your way ;)


  1. Yay for your stroller! I looked them up, I had never heard of them before! Super cheap! And it looks like you get a lot of bang for your buck so that is good!! Hope you and baby enjoy it!

    I am jealous about your jeans. I've never had a pair of designer jeans in my life. Breast feeding saved me for the weight. I was in a size zero after three months. I swear my child just plain sucked the fat out of me!

    You're lucky your fiancé is already home. Jealous about that too! My husband goes in at 5 am and works till 6pm seven days a week. It blows! Enjoy your time together!!!

    1. I'm so excited about my stroller! I did a lot of research on this bad boy and everything I read and watched gave it rave reviews! And for the sale tag, can't beat it! 49% off? Sign me up for that any time!

      As for my jeans, I adore my designer jeans! They fit like a glove and look great. So happy to be in them again. I love them a lot more than the crap from target, forever 21 and stores like that. Not saying that I don't own off brand jeans because I absolutely do, but there's nothing like a good old pair of Joes or Sevens.

      And yes! I was stoked when Mr Hunky said he was on his way home! The other night he worked from 6am to 10pm and had an hour commute before and after so he was gone from 5 to 11. It sucked. But such is the life of law enforcement!

    2. It's funny how you appreciate those things like gettin off early when they don't usually. My husband used to be off by 1 pm. It was glorious. And I miss it.

      My jeans are from target or Levi's haha. Target colored denim is all that fits me! I need to invest in a good designer pair.

  2. Yay for pre-mommy jeans! I AM SOOOO PROUD OF YOU! :) :) :) eeek!