Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Bit of This & That

Today I woke up with a headache. I hate days like this. Hopefully it goes away soon.

Coffee is my salvation. Since we moved its been so hot that I haven't been wanting coffee, my craving is finally coming back! It's glorious.

Baby A is EVERYWHERE. Crawling, standing up. He's going to give me a run for my money.

My stroller is on its way!! I'm stoked. It will be here Tuesday!

I impulse bought a new Ergo yesterday. Costco has them for $79 so
I called my stepdad and asked him to grab it for me! It will be hand delivered in September, I can't wait! I've been lusting over the Galaxy Ergo for

It's been monsooning here! Yesterday was a beautiful day and all of a sudden the thunder started, it got dark and then it was pouring as really windy. We lost power 5 times.

There have been a lot of great songs circulating on the radio lately (I listen to pop/mainstream mostly). I love Lights, Titanium, Boyfriend, Wild One, Katy Perry's new one and all of the ones Rihanna's in.

I've cooked so much from scratch lately and I can only say that I haven't love a lot of what I've made. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it.

I have however made some yummy sweets including a blueberry & strawberry pancake glaze & lava cakes. (recipes coming soon)

Boy Meets World could quite possibly be the greatest show ever made.

I finally figured out what my favorite movie is! There are a lot of great movies out there but the one movie that I smile at every time I hear something about it or from it is Dirty Dancing. I love Dirty Dancing.

I am head over heals in love with my son. He is the single most important thing in my life.


  1. I've never seen dirty dancing. Or titanic. Weird I know!

    I love cooking from scratch. Pretty much all I do. And I get pissed when things don't turn out. What a waste! But it happens :(

    Once your kid walks its all over. Mine walked so early and has been keeping me busy ever since. He gets into everything!!!

    I love boy meets world! I used to watch it when it was on TGIF with step by step and family members. I'm such an 80s kid.

    Yay for your stroller and ergo. James never let me carry him so I returned the moby and ergo I had. It was sad :(

    1. You haven't seen dirty dancing!?!? Or titanic?!? You need to Netflix those ASAP. They're classics!!! And two of my favorites! I'm shocked!!!! I have a feeling A will be walking soon. He's starting to take steps while holding onto things! It's crazy! Boy meets world is amazing. I watch it every morning, no joke. Aiden LOVES the stroller and the ergo. His face lights up and he squeals with delight! It's adorb!