Sunday, June 3, 2012

Salsa Recipe

Alright guys, I've been promising you a recipe for a while now. Today (well actually just a few minutes ago) I made homemade salsa. This recipe is perfect for the summer time whether it be for snacking on or for big parties! My godmother gave me this recipe years ago and this is the first time that I have actually gotten to use it! (took long enough). My favorite thing about this recipe is that I eyeball EVERYTHING!

You Will Need:
-A Food Processor (I have a cheap little itty bitty one that my mom got me years ago from like Kohls or something, I think it cost her maybe $15 AT MOST.
-Cutting Board

-Canned Tomatoes with Green Peppers (or Jalepenos to make things hotter) (the amount of cans you will need depends on how big of a batch you want)
-Red Onion - I used maybe 1/3
-One Green Pepper- Cut the seeds out or leave them for even spicier salsa
-Two Cloves of Garlic
-Handful of Ciliantro Leaves
-Lemon Juice
-Lime Juice
-Fresh Tomato

Throw everything in the food processor until you get a consistancy that you like and you're good to go! Enjoy with chips =]

You may also choose to add corn, black beans, or bell peppers for additional flavor although I did not add it to mine this time around.

**Please excuse the horrid photography skills this time around**


  1. Replies
    1. You should!! It took me about 15 minutes to make it (beacuse I was going slow tryin to decide what I wanted in it) but it was so easy! I threw it in the refridgerator for a little bit before I dug in because I like cold salsa better than warm =]

  2. yummy. I would love trying this. Nothing better than fresh ingredients.

  3. I have been looking for a good salsa recipe for a while. We have a ton of tomatoes from our garden that I need to use up! This would be perfect!

  4. I like that you have started with the canned tomatoes with peppers and added other ingredients. I do not always have fresh so I held back from making a salsa at home. I like this recipe. Now I will try!

  5. That salsa looks very tasty with no salt added!

  6. I have yet to really find a salsa I like, so I will have to give this a try.

  7. I'm going to try this, but it will be with home grown canned tomatoes. It's been darn near impossible to find a homemade salsa recipe that my husband likes. *Crossed fingers!*

  8. This looks so good. I will have to try it. Thank you for sharing.

  9. This is right up my alley simple to make, looks yummy and I can adjust the spice to my level of perfect heat.