Saturday, June 9, 2012

Product Review: CAKE by Petunia Pickle Bottom Berry Chiffon Hampton Holdall

As shown in previous posts... I am a bag whore. I loved purses before I was pregnant and now that I have a little man, I LOVE diaper bags. I registered for a couple of no name diaper bags from Burlington Coat Factory when I was pregnant and to my dismay, they pretty much fell apart before my son was two months old. After seeing a friends CAKE bag, I quickly became infatuated with their look and HAD to have one. I sought after them until I finally purchased one.

A Pistachio Cosmopolitan Carryall. Although that was my first CAKE bag, I quickly became obsessed and bought more. My third "big" Cake bag was the Berry Chiffon Hampton Holdall and that is the bag that I am going to review for you. Now, my holdall and I have a very love hate relationship.

As much as I want to love it, I just don't but I cant seem to let it go. I think it is absolutely gorgeous and I love that it holds a TON of stuff but it just isn't the bag that I seem to grab consistantly. Nevertheless this bag is staying by my side because I know that one day when baby #2 decides to make their debut this bag will come in handy. Please take note that blogger likes to be a bit wonky at times and the photos may not be in order as I am reviewing each section but I will try my best!

When you purchase a bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom, they always come with "accessories". Your Hampton Holdall will come with a long strap to allow you to carry your bag messanger style, a pair of stroller clips to allow your bag to hang from your stroller(not shown as they are attached to my stroller!), a matching wipes case, changing pad and also a coin purse. The bag has two built in rings on the sides that you attach the stroller clips to or the messanger strap if that is how you are choosing to carry. If for some reason your bag does not come with said accessories I would suggest contacting the retailer who you purchased the bag from, or "PPB" directly. *Please note that differet styles of bags vary in accessories*.

Petunia Pickle Bottom has amazing customer service and the women who work in their CS department are always more than willing to help. They also offer a wonderful product guarentee- if you are the original owner and anything goes wrong with your bag they will fix it, and if they cannot fix it for some reason they replace it.

The Hampton Holdall has a front pocket that is perfect for sliding your cell phone into or your keys. It is just the right size where you can feel secure about your belongings being in the front pocket and not have to worry about them falling out. I have an iPhone and it fits perfectly.

The back of the holdall has a zippered compartment which is also a convenient place for storing keys. To be completely honest, I tend to not use this pocket as I normally just reach to put my things in the front.

-When you open up the bag, you will notice that there are two large side pockets that are often referred to as "magazine pockets". One side has a small pocket within it that I use for my hand sanitizer and the other side has a larger pocket which holds a wipes case perfectly. I try to organize these pockets having one side be the "diapering side" equipt with my changing pad, wipes case and wet bag and the other side being "mommys side" with my wallet, "Wet Ones" wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tampon pouch and chap stick.

The main compartment zips closed which is helpful for keeping things in place and small hands away! On the inside of the bag there is a zippered "mommy pocket" which I find useful to house the coin purse (which holds Baby A's insurance card), Baby A's immunization record and pepper spray (hey, you never know). There are two other pockets one for which I use for "the food pocket" which holds two Plum Organic pouches, baby spoon and fork and Little Tummies for just in case and the other pocket holds two bibs. In the main compartment I also throw in a cloth diaper or two depending on the duration of our outing, a large snack container, a formula dispenser and a few "absoutely cannot live without toys" (not pictured as Baby A decides which toys he wants in the morning by whining. After all of that I still have plenty of room in the bag!

-Another feature of this bag that I really enjoy is it's hidden bottle pockets. If I hadn't told you they were there, you wouldn't notice them at all in fact it took me a few uses of the bag before I noticed that they existed!! They hold two [Playtex] bottles comfortably although I tend to only pack one bottle and bottle of water.

This bag is fantastic for long outings with your little one since it holds so much. I recommend using the stroller clips whenever possible if you are anything like me and find it irritating to have a bag on your shoulder as well as a baby or toddler on your hip. If you are a hefty packer as I am, this bag may seem a little heavy to wear for significant periods of time, even if you have it messanger style however, no matter how much or how little you pack this bag always looks sleek and stylish so make sure you show it off!

**Disclaimer- I am in no way affiliated with Petunia Pickle Bottom, they have not asked me to write this product review nor have they supplied me with the product of which is being reviewed. I am simply telling readers about it because I am passionate about this brand and I feel as though people should hear an honest opinion of something that they could potentially invest in.**

*Review Edit: Please note that since writing this review I have sense parted with the bag and sent her to live with a other mommy who could give her more love. Although she was a gorgeous bag, our diaper bags hold a lot less these days and it was no longer the bag for me!


  1. This is an amazing style bag in a gorgeous color!! Love your review of it.