Thursday, June 28, 2012


Between 2:30-3:30pm is my favorite time of day. Why you ask? Because that is when the mail comes! I usually have something I'm looking forward to whether it's a small package or just any old piece of mail- I love going out to the mail box and getting it. As pathetic as it is, I count that as one of the highlights of my day!

Today I was expecting two things, 1) My new boyfriend watch I ordered off eBay and 2) My new iPhone case from etsy! Both came, one I was happy with, one upset. :(

When I put the watch on, it was huge!! Entirely to big even though according to the eBay measurements it should have fit me perfectly. I haven been so disappointed in a while :( I emailed them and now I'm hoping they can exchange it for a smaller one. I've been dying to have a watch for months and after getting sick of lusting over the Kate Spade one I've been wanting, I I turned to eBay for a "filler". I should have kept lusting.

The iPhone case on the other hand is exactly what I hoped it would be and I LOVE it! So happy with my purchase!!!

Fingers crossed I can get a smaller watch!


  1. Case is super cute!
    I highly recommend toy watches! I have one and it's amazing and so cute.
    They are a little pricey, about 300. But so worth it! I'll never get another brand since my husband got this one for me!

  2. very very very cute, mi amor!!! congrats...

    and by the way... you are SO not pathetic... mail is one of my FAVORITES, too! :)

    wanna see my watch? i heart.

    looking forward to seeing my mail tonight,