Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cleaning Day

Ahhhh the move in is finished and I finally get the chance to sit back and put my feet up. NOT. Instead, in the 106 degree ungodly heat, I get the pleasure of being the family maid and cleaning the house. Baby A is cranky (that should go without saying in this weather) and for two straight hours decided not to take his nap and just cry. Sporting his "Grasshopper" Bumgenius diap and nothing else, little tears streak his cheeks as I take back to his crib for the fourth time in that hour and as I shut his bedroom door I FINALLY hear it....silence. Baby A has done what I thought would be impossible- embraced his nap. As he sleeps I run around the house vacuuming, sweeping, straightening things up-it feels great to be getting this crap done! I hear the door opening as my fiance- we will call him Mr. Hunky- opens the door. I feel my skin boiling as the dogs protective instincts kick in and she barks and the intruder (or so she thinks) but all of the frost melts from my impossibly cold heart as I look at Mr. Hunky and he is holding a bouquet of my favorite flowers- roses and lilys. BROWNIE POINTS! He didn't forget that tomorrows my birthday afterall =] DOUBLE BROWNIE POINTS!! Since I am finally able to sit down for two seconds and broadcast this to all of you, I hope everyone is having a good day! I'm off to work on the Boutique so that the grand opening day goes as smoothly as possible! Don't forget to participate in This Love Is Ours Boutique's Giveaway (See Below Post For Details).

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