Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Be Bold.

Today my words of wisdom are thus; be bold. You only live this life once so why not live it to its fullest? Your homework today is to do everything on this list.

1.Wear bright colors. And wear colors that you wouldn't normally wear together. As you can see in my pics below, that is exactly what I did today by pairing bright yellow, with aqua and gold. It was SO much fun!

2.Tell someone you love them. Whether its your mom, dad, sister, husband, boyfriend, child, best friend, dog or cat, tell someone that you love them. To love and be loved in return is one of the greatest gifts in the world. All you need is love<3

3. Try something new to eat. New foods can be scary especially if you have no idea what it could possibly taste like, but who knows, you may actually love it! So try it! No excuses.

4. Laugh. Out. Loud. It releases endorphins AND burns calories, why would you not laugh?

5. Take a bubble bath. With LOTS of bubbles. Light a few candles, put your favorite music on low. If you relax for just 15 minutes in the tub you will feel so much better about yourself and your life.

I triple dare you to do everything on that list. Have some fun with life and don't let the moments pass you buy. No regrets! Be bold.


  1. You look cute! I always feel like I have to be so matchy. But this so works on you. Where did you get the shirt?

  2. Thank you! Just experiment with colors!!! If you don't love it don't wear it but it's fun to wear mismatched colors! Shirt is from forever 21! $7.80

  3. YOU are adorable... i think i do these all the time, so i'm ahead of the game! BAM-A-LAM! :) now, a challenge for you... next time it rains, just go run in it... grab the fiance & run... where? anywhere... it brings you back to your care-free childhood. it's one of my favs.