Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another Target Morning

It isn't even 9:00am and I have already succeeded in spending over $90 in baby food! Usually I make my sons food compliments of my baby bullet but since we are going to be so busy in the next week and a half I decide to just hit up the baby food aisle and spend a small fortune on prepared food for my little mister. I did a happy dance when I found the Pumpkin & Banana purée and literally bought out the store. I must have about 10 pouches sitting in my bag! I can't decide who likes the flavor better, me
or my son- it smells SO good! People always give me weird looks when I say whether or not it tastes good as if I wouldn't try what my son eats! Pfffffftttt


  1. We love the Ella's kitchen ones. Honestly I spend about 100 a week in James baby food. It's crazy.

  2. hahaha, you are SO cute. i am TOTALLY going to be trying my *future* cupcake's food! BAM!

  3. OOOH AND i wish we lived closer because i would hook you up with coupons...i have so many coupons for baby stuff at target it's insane in the membrane!